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At the Cutting Edge

with Cutting Edge Plastic Surgery LTD

Dr Adam Greenbaum Consultant Plastic Surgeon and Owner of Pukekohe’s newest plastic surgery clinic recently sat down with elocal to answer questions about his practice. From mole removal to full reconstructive surgeries, the team at Cutting Edge is here to help.

E How long have you been in Pukekohe and what did you do before you came here?

I’ve been practicing in Pukekohe since 2011. Before I came to NZ, my practice was spread across three teaching hospitals in London and then a private practice in Harley Street. In the Health Service I was part of the specialist team reconstructing wounds after skin cancer and running a melanoma service that contributed to international studies on sentinel node biopsy as well as all the routine work of a plastic surgeon, ranging from surgery for hand conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome and Dupuytren’s contracture through to breast surgery, revision of keloid and other unsightly scars and burns.

E What service do you offer here?

In London I was jointly appointed to St John’s Hospital for Diseases of the Skin and I have a special interest in skin cancer. My team and I offer a one-stop-shop where all suitable skin surgery can be done in Pukekohe under local anaesthetic, rather than having to travel into Auckland. In our purpose-built new suite at 11-13 Roulston Street we offer skin screening, total body photography and surgery. I’m a qualified dermatoscopist as a well as a plastic surgeon, so we are able to save our patients time and money because they can have a skin screen and an expert opinion without having to pay once for their mole screen and then pay to see a GP to be referred on to see (and pay again) to see a surgeon.

E Do patients need to see their GP first?

That’s traditionally been what most people do, but it isn’t vital and since covid and the growing waits to see doctors, just as people can opt to have their moles mapped and book to do that without a GP referral, patients are increasingly choosing to save time and money by coming to me directly. I will always write to a patient’s GP and let them know what’s going on when a patient self-refers with a lump or bump they want removed or a worrying mole or lesion they think may be a skin cancer, so their GP will know what’s going on and can send on any information I may need about past problems or medication in response to me contacting them.

E What about bigger operations?

Since the new Franklin Hospital opened, those cosmetic procedures like breast reduction and augmentation or tummy tucks that need a general anaesthetic can all be done locally in a splendid new modern hospital. I have regular lists there when I also operate to correct hand problems like trigger finger, carpal tunnel and, my favourite operation to do on hands: treating Dupuytren’s contracture. Again, Pukekohe has a one-stop service for hand problems needing surgery these days. I can work together with hand therapists locally so there is no need to head into Auckland to get state of the art specialist surgery or post-op rehabilitation.

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elocal Digital Edition – September 2022 (#257)

elocal Digital Edition
September 2022 (#257)

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