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Throw caution to the wind! Photographic artist - Tatiana Skorik

with Tatiana Skorik Photography

It started photography from my childhood. My mother photographed a lot and she developed her own images. She had a unique ‘reporters’ style of photography. Looking back now as an adult I remember photography parts and camera covers were my toys in very early childhood! At the age of 12 I bought my own camera with my first ever saved money and shortly after I registered to the photography club where I learned to photograph and develop film and prints in a dark room.

As I had my own equipment, I could practice developing the rolls of film at home, usually in the bathroom. It became a studio of sorts, full of developing photos over the bath, equipment and chemical trays. The family had to put up with a warning on the door, ‘do not enter’, ‘don’t touch anything’, but my mother and I were in our element.

Q. Why didn't you pick photography as a job straight after school?

I could never ever imagine that photography was a job. To me, a job was a teacher, lawyer, doctor or engineer. I “continued teaching career" following my mother and paternal grandparent’s steps. I spend most of my childhood listening my mother’s lectures at the back of her desk. But I always had my camera with me and I had a strong interest in art and imagery. What is more, you can’t just pick up the camera and start shooting. I believe it needs to be a reason or purpose or desire. My life experiences have guided me to see elements and events that many just wouldn't notice. I’ve found that I have a particular ability not only to find beauty in people, but to show their personalities. My prior qualifications in physiology assist me to observe and reflect the authenticity of the person or subject I shoot and combine this with both marketing and advertising experience, it really comes together when shooting commercial photography, businesses, products and people. Not so important with animals (smile).

Q. Why is Photography important to you?

I really feel that this is my life’s purpose. It may sound strange to some, but for me it is true. From the moment I awake till they close again my universe is photography! A few years ago pre covid I decided to go blind, what I mean by that is throw caution to the wind, so I decided to restudy at University with the aim to do professionally what I love doing the most. I didn't care where it would take me. Then I realized I am able to help others leave a legacy, they could leave something for future generations.

I remember looking at a photo taken about 1920 and the person whose family it was four generations after. Wow, would they at that time of taking that family photograph in 1920 ever imagine that this would come to pass? Or by creating a beautiful personal portrait for all those same reasons. Or helping their businesses grow, it can stand out as a reminder of where they started from.

I spent a few years doing an art photography degree, it was a bliss.

I combined my love of ballet, gymnastics, human form and sometimes painting in my studies and it was a time of big growth for me as I was finally able to express my emotions through my sense of purpose. Now I am applying myself fully in commercial field.

I am grateful I have found my purpose. I am thankful to people who support me and use my skills and services. It truly makes me happy to touch people’s lives at least for a little moment. Perhaps I can help you?

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elocal Digital Edition – November 2022 (#259)

elocal Digital Edition
November 2022 (#259)

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