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Free Speech Space with MJ - Kerry Brocas

elocal magazine September 2023

with Honda Store South Auckland

Join Kerry and MJ as they review the top rating Civic and Type-R

Honda 2023 Civic Sport

“Even if you could spend a lot more than the 2023 Honda Civic costs, there’s a very good chance you should still consider it. This not-that-compact sedan and hatchback are just that good. Thinking about g Weekend sports car? The Civic Si (and even the Sport Touring with a manual) is a blast. The latest-generation Civic, introduced last year, is just so well-rounded and so well-executed that it really does transcend its simple compact car segment and open itself up to all sorts of buyers.”

James Riswick AUTOBLOG.com

Honda Type-R

“The 2023 Honda Civic Type R’s styling is dialed back compared with its wildly designed predecessor, but that doesn’t keep it from being more exciting to drive. Offered as a hatchback only, the Civic Type R is built from the more civilized 11th-generation Civic, which is reviewed separately. The new-generation Civic Type R uses the same turbocharged four-cylinder as the last model but with output dialed up to 315 horsepower and 310 pound-feet of torque. The front-wheel-drive Type R’s six-speed manual transmission has also been upgraded to handle the power increase, and Honda has improved brake cooling to help handle track-day punishment. The new CTR is built in Japan with a powertrain from Ohio, but it’s fun to drive everywhere in between. We were so impressed with the new Civic Type R that we named it to our 2023 10Best cars list. 10/10 RATING”

Austin Irwin and Eric Stafford caranddriver.com

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elocal Digital Edition – September 2023 (#269)

elocal Digital Edition
September 2023 (#269)

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