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FARMERS MUST READ Time Tested Seaweed Used To Regenerate and Enrich Soils

with Seacures Limited

Seaweed has been used to improve soils and plants for centuries with cultures from around the world gathering up the abundantly available weed they found on seashores and from the sea using it to promote healthier soils and quicker growing crops. Dairy farmers throughout the world, are using seaweed foliar spraying to enrich soil as a feed additive will testify to the efficacy of this plant extract.

Seaweed contains very high levels of four natural growth hormones, promoting vigorous growth and essentially making some seaweeds the fastest growing grass in the world. Along with 60 trace elements, up to 28 micronutrients and complex sugars making seaweed. Now, you too can get the benefit of one of nature’s miracle plants for your farm with products from Seacures Ltd. Seacures Ltd has been set up by Simon Stott and his business partner Richard Powell on the back of years of successful use of seaweed as a farm bio-nutrient since Simon’s parents purchased a 900acre bush lot near Tahakopa in the Catlins, close to the wild seas of Southland New Zealand over 60 years ago.

Over the years they witnessed great results using seaweed, the grass grew healthy, the livestock both sheep and cattle, grew strong and full of vitality. Lambing increased from 90% to 200%. The Stott’s began to win local farming events for top wool quality and price including winning in Brisbane. Breeding Cows topped calf sales for many years. All because of the seaweed that was used on the farm.

Extensive work with Otago University and the Department of Industry Science and Research (DISR) followed and formulas were created for a variety of products that Seacures Ltd can now offer to famers throughout New Zealand. Seacures UltraMax, Seacures SuperMAx and Seacures NZ Fucoidan have been developed to fully maximise the development of the land and animals on your farm.

The product is collected and processed using environmentally sound work practices to ensure the continuity of local resources and work is being done to further develop the seaweed farms for future harvesting.
Seacure products will change your farm, your land, your livestock and even you!

Why Use Seaweed Products From Seacures Ltd?

• Seaweed contains complex carbohydrates. These stimulate microscopic soil fungi and microbes. These little helpers increase the availability of soil nutrients, and they also play a significant role in defending against soil-based diseases. The nutrients in Seaweed foliate spray promote early flowering stronger crops, and increased sugar content in fruit.

• Seaweed contains Mannitol and Alginic acid both of which acidify the soil and help plants absorb nutrients. Seaweed also adds Iron to the soil.

• The Natural growth Hormones like Betaines encourage chlorophyll production, the germination of seeds and the growth of roots. Seaweed hormones increases the thickness of plant cell walls, thereby creating stronger plants with greater structural integrity, pest resistance and frost endurance.

• Seaweed supplies selenium and iodine. Both nutrients which our New Zealand Soil is poor in. The addition of these elements to food crops results in plant foods with higher nutritional value.

• New Zealand has hundreds of different species Seacures Limited use a small fraction of these primary Red Algae’s which are processed to create Secures SuperMax.

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