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A Double Celebration!

The Matariki public holiday, a significant event in the New Zealand calendar, is set to unfold this month on Friday, June 28th, 2024. Established in 2022 to commemorate the Māori new year and recognize the cultural heritage surrounding Matariki, this special day is strategically positioned on the Friday closest to the new moon following the rising of the Matariki star cluster. The decision to institute the Matariki public holiday stemmed from years of advocacy by Māori communities and organizations. This holiday aims to foster awareness and understanding of Matariki’s cultural significance among New Zealanders, while also acknowledging the substantial contributions of Māori culture to the nation’s identity. On the designated public holiday, communities throughout New Zealand come together for a myriad of events and celebrations. Cultural performances, feasts, art exhibitions, and storytelling sessions unfold, showcasing the richness of Māori traditions. Schools and workplaces often close for the day, enabling individuals to actively engage in Matariki festivities and immerse themselves in the cultural significance of the holiday. Friday, June 28th, 2024, marks the Matariki public holiday—an opportunity for New Zealanders to reflect on the past year, set intentions for the future, and spend quality time with family and friends. This day serves as a time-honored tradition to honor the enduring practices of Māori culture and celebrate the unique heritage that defines New Zealand. As the nation collectively embraces this cultural celebration, the Matariki public holiday becomes a symbol of unity, gratitude, and the resilient spirit of the New Zealand people.

Elocal would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate our very special Cally and her family who were made NZ citizens in a special ceremony at the Hauraki District Council in May. We couldn’t think of a better family; who have already contributed so much since they have made NZ their home; to be called New Zealanders!!

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