Merry Christmas from elocal

Hard to imagine the end of yet another year is upon us and what a year it has been. Media seem to depict a gloomy picture, with house prices set to drop, rates to rise and business confidence at a nine year low, as companies worry about lack of direction in government policies, higher costs, softer demand and weaker profits.

Nurses, teachers, support staff all have flexed their muscles with strikes to take advantage of a Labour Government happy to open the purse strings, DHB cleaners the latest to see graduated pay rises of up to 40% with the average cleaning wage set to rise to $25.20 by 2021.

But what will it all mean in 2019? In October we will be back at the polls to vote in our local body representatives and the upcoming Christmas break should give us all the time to reflect on what we want from our local representatives for the next three years and contemplate how well they have served us this time round.

Is there enough local funding for community groups? Have they been vocal and visual in promoting causes specific to our local areas? What are their achievements and are they aligned with what you want for yourself and your family’s futures. Don’t wait until the middle of next year and the hoardings go up and your views are muddied by the smiling assassin type billboards that promise the world without knowing the system.

Christmas is a time to spend with family and friends, for good food, special times and laughter. Find out how your family and friends really are, communicate with them and find out if they are ok. With prices rising, cost of livings on the increase, listen to what they are really saying and help out if you can.

I’ve loved putting this month’s elocal together, we travel to some of Auckland’s own Island hot spots, share in the RSA’s Armistice day tribute and meet Davinci, our soccer loving pet of the month!

Enjoy the read, the team here work incredibly hard, so it’s a big THANK YOU from me to them and I wish them and all our readers a very Merry Christmas.

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elocal Digital Edition
December 2018 (#213)

elocal Digital Edition – December 2018 (#213)