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Sally Sumner is the editorial manager of elocal Magazine.

Building Beautiful Futures

Nick Bosanac Builders

by Sally Sumner

Building beautiful homes for families in Franklin Legacies can be amazing things, they shape who we are and where we have come from. They can also influence where we want to go and what we want to achieve. It was a family legacy of craftsmanship that inf…

Famous Behind the Lens

Memories from a Franklin Photo News Photographer

by Sally Sumner

Memories from a Franklin Photo News Photographer The feedback we had on last month’s Franklin Photo News story was amazing. What an incredible feat to scan all the pages of a magazine that 40 years ago was the social media of the day. The stories that h…

Strong Representation at National Gymnastics Championships

by Sally Sumner

National Gymnastics Championships in October 2019 In early October, this year at the Trusts Arena in Auckland, the National Gymnastics Championships will once again bring talented children from all over New Zealand to participate and compete over 5 days.…

Yorkshire Day 2019

by Sally Sumner

Ex pat Yorkshire people gather for Yorkshire Day- a day of traditional Yorkshire events held at Pukekohe's Cosmopolitan Club. For the ninth year running ex pat Yorkshire people have gathered at the Pukekohe Cosmopolitan club during July for a series of t…

Team Expansion at Blackhawk Law

by Sally Sumner

Team expansion at Blackhawk Law As someone who has lived in rural Franklin for 20 years, Blackhawk Law Limited’s sole director, Kim-Shiree Grant, has seen immense change in the area. Kim-Shiree is not only familiar with the local farming scene, she's al…

Value your Free Speech- Sting and All!

by Sally Sumner

From the Editors desk Value your Free Speech – Sting and All! I’m writing this on deadline day, we print in four hours, and someone in their wisdom has decided to waterblast the office roof, think bees, many, many bees all angry and upset, disturbed and…

Change is good!

Elocal's Editor's note

by Sally Sumner

Elocal's Editors Note Change is Good! Temperatures may be dropping as we head for our two coldest months of the year, but things at elocal are hotting up! It always a pleasure to work every month with our local businesses and community groups and highli…

Mothers Know, There has Always Been a High Cost of Freedom!

Editors Note

by Sally Sumner

The second Sunday of May is when New Zealand traditionally celebrates Mother’s Day. Its modern-day origins come from an American celebration created by Anna Jarvis in 1908 that became an official U.S. holiday in 1914. Interestingly, Jarvis would later de…

‘Lest We Forget’

by Sally Sumner

New Zealand is still awash with grief in the aftermath of the killings in Christchurch that left 50 New Zealanders dead and many more injured. Our image overseas while tarnished as a safe haven, has been boosted by our Prime Minister who has presented th…

Need More Copies?

by Sally Sumner

elocal's monthly Editors note One of the things I love best about being involved with elocal is the number of people that call in or email us to tell us about how much they liked reading the last edition and when will the next one be available. The nu…

Keeping the Government on Their Toes

An Interview with Judith Collins

by Sally Sumner

elocal caught up with Minister of Parliament (MP), and Local Papakura MP Judith Collins to discuss the changes in policies from the perspective of the opposition party and how it is shaping New Zealand. For Judith Collins, it wasn’t a surprise to see NZ …

Merry Christmas from elocal

by Sally Sumner

Hard to imagine the end of yet another year is upon us and what a year it has been. Media seem to depict a gloomy picture, with house prices set to drop, rates to rise and business confidence at a nine year low, as companies worry about lack of direction…