Articles by Sally Sumner

Sally Sumner is the editorial manager of elocal Magazine.

History in the making

This Month in History Around the World - JUNE

This Month in History Around the World - APRIL

Tell Us Jacinda, Tell Us and Stop These Draconian Control Measures!

Sweat the Big Stuff, Not the Small

Ground Swells Don’t End Well

How Safe is Safe Enough?

Challenge Yourself!

Editor's Note

The Loveable Rogue

Historical Bugle Holds Possible Dunkirk Connection

We Will Remember Them

A Library Full of Tools!

Covid, Sshmovid

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Your Holiday Destination

For great food, coffee and company

Who’s Got the Sixpence? A Christmas Tradition Handed Down the Generations

Unearthing Treasures (Part III)

Vote Wisely in 2020

Your vote may end up going exactly where you don't want it to

Where to from Here?

It's Election Time!

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