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Sweat the Big Stuff, Not the Small

by Sally Sumner

So, here we are back in lockdowns. Different levels for Auckland to the rest of the country and different rules for the levels. Families and businesses are at breaking points and frustration a plenty about the situation. Swiftly introduced emergency powers in 2020 continue to give the Prime Minister and the Director General of Health immense autocratic authority that raises questions about the state of democracy in New Zealand. All of us, whether we are Labour supporters or not are placing immense trust in our Prime Minister to do the best for all of us and can only help she continues to be kind.

Back in 1963, President John F. Kennedy was quoted as saying... "Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future." Such a profound quote, one can only wonder at what great folks like JFK would have thought about the immense change happening in our world currently.

A long time ago, someone gave me a book called “Who moved my Cheese.” If you haven’t read it, I would search it out this lockdown and read it in hard copy of online. ‘Who Moved My Cheese’ is a parable about two little people and two mice in a maze, searching for cheese, where each character represents a different attitude towards change, with cheese being what we consider success. This delightful tale offers some incredible insights and in times like this could help you recreate your focus onto things that really matter.

Many a Google Guru will tell you about Mindfulness and keeping yourself sane during times of change but everyone needs to find their own way through. Being there for friends and family as they all negotiate their day to day lives is so important. Focusing on the little things to ensure everyone close to you is given the right advice to get through each day with a healthy mind and healthy body goes a long way. Getting access to social services if needed and advocates for housing and health are all available and many a group has set up ways to assist where needed.

Businesses need to take advantage of the Wage Subsidy and Resurgence Payments. Foodbanks are able to operate under all levels, and Work and Income are available for those in need.

Things will improve and when they do, the most important thing is to get out there and support the local businesses you have always done so and perhaps some you haven’t, all of our local businesses will be operating in some way as restrictions ease and will need our support. Elocal will be highlighting our local businesses on our page over the next few months and encourage you to get out and support them. Think about where you spend your money. Every dollar you spend is a vote, use them wisely.

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elocal Digital Edition – September 2021 (#246)

elocal Digital Edition
September 2021 (#246)

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