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The Country Is Going Mad

by Dr Don Brash

There are two pieces of legislation wending their way through Parliament at the moment designed to further entrench the crazy notion that the Treaty of Waitangi created an obligation on governments nearly 200 years later to treat anybody with a Maori anc…

The End of the World as We Know It

by Richard Prosser

Through all of history, everywhere in the world, recorded or otherwise, it has been proclaimed that The End is Nigh. Preachers, politicians, protestors, pundits of every ilk and hue; from the pulpit to the podium to the sandwich board in the street, all …

Heritage Buildings Under Threat

by Andrew Bayly

New Zealand is in danger of losing many of its precious heritage buildings as councils and owners struggle to cope with earthquake (seismic) issues and New Building Standards (NBS). Earthquake strengthening is now a huge concern for planners, builders …

Where Britain Goes, Maybe NZ Should Follow?

by Richard Prosser

Whatever reservations one might have regarding the wisdom of holding an election on the day of a full moon, Britain has just done just that, and the result has been a stunning but completely predictable victory for Boris Johnson and the Conservatives.

If it Ain’t Broke…

The Regeneration of Pukekohe

by Toni Reid

Our township was carved out of dense bush in the 1860’s when immigrants moved onto the land and created a community from scratch with just hand tools, their own labour and a desire to make a better life for themselves and their families. At first there …

Just What Are They Driving At?

Auckland Transport in Regression

by Chris Barber

It would seem that ‘progress’, as defined by Auckland Transport (AT), is actually ‘regression’. I always considered progress as advancement by moving forward. According to Auckland Transport, moving backwards into the past is really the way forward. A re…

Does Foreign Investment Mean They're Controlling Us?

The Pros and Cons of Foreign Investment

by Dr Don Brash

A few years ago, when I wrote my autobiography, I included a chapter called “The challenge of making economic policy in a democracy”. In that chapter, I tried to debunk a lot of commonly held myths about economic policy. There are lots of them: • “Gov…

Cops, Guns and Untruths

by Richard Prosser

Right now, in New Zealand, a quiet revolution is taking place. It isn’t technological, or a change to the education system, or a new and widespread understanding of an holistic approach to health and wellbeing. Rather, it involves the steady, systematic,…

House Prices, Again!

by Dr Don Brash

Regular readers of “elocal” will think I have a fixation about house prices. I’ve written on the subject twice already this year, most recently just two months ago. But several things have prompted me to write on the subject again. First, despite all …

Electoral Boundaries Change The Landscape

by Andrew Bayly

Massive change lies ahead for voters in the Hunua electorate. Boundary alterations ahead of the 2020 and 2023 general elections will see the electorate’s name changed to Port Waikato, and its area shifted south and transformed from urban to rural. Hunua…

Ownership of Water in New Zealand

by Ron Howard

There is a well circulated expression of opinions including demands, rejections and mostly avoidance from the political parties who are inclined to view this subject as related to votes and this appears to nullify their ability to provide sound and meani…

Freshwater Targets Pile on The Pressure

by Andrew Bayly

The heated exchanges that occurred at a recent Ministry for the Environment meeting in Pukekohe are symptomatic of the pressures building on our growers and farmers. They are becoming increasingly worried about the future and Government policies are the…

A Thought About Climate Change

by Judith Collins

Politicians around the world have been calling for faster and faster action to reduce emissions. Our own Prime Minister has joined the political hype-train by announcing climate change is "my"/her generation’s nuclear free moment (who made everyone under…

Let's Teach New Zealand History – All Of It!

by Dr Don Brash

A few weeks ago, the Government announced that as from 2022 teaching New Zealand history would be a mandatory part of the school curriculum, at both primary and secondary level. As somebody who was an historian before he was an economist, I was delighted…


Hate and Poison The New Black

by Richard Prosser

Seven hundred-odd kilometres south of Papakura, as the crow flies, the Department of Conservation is waging war on introduced pests. Great stuff, many people might think, giving the matter a quick nod of approval before carrying on with their busy lives.

Kiwibuild's Gone, and The Government's Credibility with It

by Dr Don Brash

Don Brash Opinion Piece Several months ago, it was abundantly clear that KiwiBuild was a complete failure. In the 2017 election campaign, the Labour Party’s biggest promise was to “deliver 100,000 quality, affordable houses for first home buyers over …

Should New Zealand stop exporting water?

by Dr Don Brash

Don Brash Opinion Piece One of the issues almost guaranteed to provoke a strong reaction at many a social gathering in New Zealand is any suggestion that New Zealand should be exporting more bottled water. There have been noisy demonstrations in public,…

Despite the Slowdown, Auckland Land Prices Still Outrageous

Auckland land prices are still out of reach

by Dr Don Brash

A few weeks ago, the New Zealand Herald carried an article by Dr Douglas Fairgray which seemed to argue that, when it comes to determining the price of houses, supply doesn’t matter. A few weeks ago, the New Zealand Herald carried an article by Dr Dougla…

Importance of water to NZ’s future cannot be underestimated says retired engineer

by Rex Warwood

“New Zealand requires a Ministry of Water.” So stated Ron Howard, a retired engineer who recently addressed the Veterans Division of the Pukekohe returned Services Association. Mr Howard provided a précis of his extensive research of the country’s water…

Sack the A.T Board!

The Sins of Auckland Transport

by Dr Don Brash

Don Brash Opinion Piece Driving around Auckland the other day, I saw that one of the candidates for the Auckland mayoralty is promising to sack the board of Auckland Transport. He’s got my vote was my immediate reaction! Of course, I know that the pe…