Articles by Andrew Bayly

Andrew Bayly is the MP for Port Waikato, the Shadow Treasurer (Revenue) and the National Party spokesperson for Infrastructure and Statictics.

Beware the changes to the Incorporated Societies Act

When good law goes bad - the unintended consequences of lending law changes

New Zealand has become a divided society

Are Fair Pay Agreements really fair on small businesses?

The challenges we face for 2022

How Slow Can You Go?

Why the Three Waters Reforms Must Be Ditched

Back in Business

National’s plan to unleash the economy

Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics

Message from Andrew Bayly

18 Aug 2021

Resource Management Reforms – Lost in Translation Already?

Why Productivity Matters

What I Would Have Done If I Was Finance Minister

e-Banking: Not That Easy for Everyone

Why the Government Should Be Setting Expectations of the Reserve Bank

Sort Out the Shambles at Our Border

Looking Out for Each Other in Lockdown

Lockdown Update: Day 28

Lockdown Update: Day 23

Lockdown Update: Day 19


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