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Top Secret: U-Boat 196 (Part V)

Out Of The Black U-196’s Full Mission Is Revealed

by David Child-Dennis

The story so far- The Mission… The U-196 arrived off the Northland coast sometime in May 1945, with a small team of German nuclear scientists and their equipment. They had been ordered there by the commander of the German submarine forces, Admiral D…

Top Secret: U-Boat 196 (Part IV)

Deep Black: What was hidden in New Zealand, and why?

by David Child-Dennis

Author’s note: I believe with the unconditional surrender of Germany on May 8, 1945, the then commander of Germany’s submarine fleet, Admiral Karl Dönitz, used the only bargaining chip he had left, German nuclear research, spirited away from the advanc…

Unsolved Mysteries of New Zealand (Part IV)


by Lucy Mullinger

In a country as small as New Zealand, with a slowly burgeoning population (4,772,980 at last count), it might be a surprise to hear that mysterious disappearances and strange happenings still remain uncovered. Surely someone must have stumbled upon somet…

Unsolved Mysteries of New Zealand (Part III)

Cold Cases, Four Decades On

by Lucy Mullinger

It might be a small country but New Zealand has had its fair share of murder mysteries, some of which have remained unsolved for decades. In this edition of elocal, we look back at three of those head-scratching cases that have confused the nation and re…

Top Secret: U-Boat 196 (Part III)

The Real Treasure! Ghost Ship Reveals

by David Child-Dennis

On May 8, 1945, with Germany’s unconditional surrender, Admiral Dönitz, the commander of Germany’s submarine force, ordered a number of specialised cargo U-boats, still at sea, to proceed to foreign ports across the world. In the early 1980s local divers…

Unsolved Mysteries of New Zealand (Part II)

UFO Sightings

by Lucy Mullinger

New Zealand might seem like a far-flung place isolated from the rest of the world, but we still have our fair share of weird and wonderful mysteries that remain unsolved. In fact, according to a report from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), obtained un…

Top Secret: U-Boat 196 (Part II)

The Mystery Continues…

by David Child-Dennis

Gold Bullion, Uranium, Loot… What really happened? Will we ever know? The ‘Monsun Gruppe’ Before continuing my attempt to reconstruct what I believe to be the fate of the crew of U-196 after they reached New Zealand, it might be useful to give readers…

Unsolved Mysteries of New Zealand (Part I)

Strange Creatures

by Lucy Mullinger

A look at some of the weird and sometimes very sad unsolved crimes and mysteries of New Zealand. A relatively new country by most standards, New Zealand is most likely not at the top of the list when it comes to unsolved crimes and mysteries, but there …

Top Secret: U-Boat 196 (Part I)

German WWII Submarine Found North of Auckland

by David Child-Dennis

Sixty years later, an underwater research group has discovered U-196 partially submerged, stern down, in the sand and apparently not fully flooded in 15 meters of water. It is surmised that U-196 refuelled from the German convoy raider ‘Orion’, somewhere…