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New Zealand Motorcycle Show

elocal magazine May 2024

MIT’s EV team takes its open-source hydrogen motorcycle to the track!



By: Andy Loader, Poke the Bear

Recreating, the monster

By Greg Stokes

The Greatest Years of Formula One Racing

Wigram Memories 1967-70

Model A Day

Model A Day

A Grand Opportunity

Yesteryear racers

Beach Hop success!

Hot Rod Inspiration

Summers comin'

Diamond Cruise

60 years of the New Zealand Hot Rod Association

50 years of Meremere Drags

Hot Rod Inspiration

Turn Back Time

The people have spoken!

"Classic!" A Kiwi Statement Turned into a Retro Designed Ducati How Hard Can it Be?

Let’s try this again

Preview of a delayed Hot Rods & Horsepower Show & Swapmeet

In the nick of time


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