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Bringing Humanity to the Powerful Taniwha of Capitalism

Interview with Hon. Shane Jones

elocal sat down with Shane Jones at the recent New Zealand First Christmas function. Below are excerpts from that conversation. elocal: Shane going back to the last election Winston said that capitalism no longer works. What do you think he meant by t…

Where To, Now?

Don Brash's Full Speech from Waitangi 2019

Tena koutou ki a koutou a Ngapuhi E hari ana taku ngakau ki te mihi atu ki a koutou He iwi kotahi tatou No reira tena koutou. Can I begin my comments today by saying how much I appreciate your invitation? I have no doubt that some of you see me as a rac…

Keeping the Government on Their Toes

An Interview with Judith Collins

by Sally Sumner

elocal caught up with Minister of Parliament (MP), and Local Papakura MP Judith Collins to discuss the changes in policies from the perspective of the opposition party and how it is shaping New Zealand. For Judith Collins, it wasn’t a surprise to see NZ …

Growth and Infrastructure Held up by Auckland Council Structure

Where’s all the Money Going?

When local developer, Joe* and his wife heard that KiwiBuild was in need of affordable homes to sell to first-home buyers, they made the decision to offer up two homes to the initiative. Four months down the track, he says there has only been one email …

Fuel Up, Prices Up

Wage Earners Carry the Brunt!

by Joanne Taylor

On 31 May 2018 Auckland Council agreed to implement the Regional Fuel Tax (RFT) to unlock more than $4-billion of investment in Auckland’s transport network. Mayor Phil Goff has been quoted saying, “$1.5-billion of the fuel tax money collected will be us…

M. bovis: More Questions Than Answers

The More We Know, The More We Don't Know About Cattle Disease

by Rebecca Glover

What do we know about Mycoplasma Bovis? It's probably fair to say there's more we don't know than what we do. Where, when, how are questions that are still not answered, or are given different interpretations every week. And every week more comes to ligh…

Hybrid Trains Derailed by NZTA

An Interview with Bill Cashmore

elocal caught up with Deputy Mayor Bill Cashmore to discuss progress on Special Housing Areas, infrastructure issues and the likelihood of those promised hybrid trains! It’s been a while now since the local body elections, what evidence are you seeing t…

17,800 Homes Planned Pukekohe to Drury

Housing Crisis at Boiling Point for Developers

by Joanne Taylor

The New Zealand housing crisis continues to concern developers, builders and buyers. The Labour government bragged about its plan to address the housing crisis with the introduction of its KiwiBuild programme and an amendment to the Tenancy Act whereby …