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“Coastal Claims Legislation is a SHAMBLES of MONUMENTAL Proportions!”

By: Democracy Action

Time to congratulate our new government?

By: Democracy Action

NHA Welcomes Repeal Of Therapeutic Products Act

By: Dr. Frank Eliason

Gold Is at Inflection Point, Hard Landing Is Coming: These Charts Tell You Everything – Tavi Costa

elocal magazine December 2023

Coalition 100 Day Plan Announced

Free Speech Space with MJ - Andrew Bayly

“New coalition Formed & There’s Much To Do!”

Free Speech Space with MJ - Tracy Lynch

“Audio Weapons Used on Peaceful Protestors at Wellington Protest”

Free Speech Space with MJ - Dr David Wilson

“Where the Rubber Meets the Road… Regional Economic Development is Key For Growth”

Free Speech Space with MJ - Sue Grey

“Should Sir Bloomfield Former Director General of Health Lose His Knighthood After High Court Decision on Fluoride?”

Tackling the obesity crisis without drugs

By: Marianne Demanzi, PHD

How to reduce Inflammation at Christmas

By: New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out With Science

De-estabilishing the Maori Health Authority


Wendy’s Mission To Inform Churches About Gender Ideology

By: Penny - Pendulum on Voice Media

Alarming acceleration in New Zealand excess deaths, Latest official figures up 70% on last year

By: Guy Hatchard

Interesting NZ Christmas Facts

Free Speech Space with MJ - Casey Costello

BREAKING! Scotty Bright Pulls Out Of Port Waikato By-Election And Endorses NZ First Candidate Casey Costello

Free Speech Space with MJ - Bruce Crocombe

Election Public Scrutiny Not Achieved

Where in our bodies do we feel love (and other emotions)?

By: Paul McClure

This is why the fiat system ‘ruins everything’ and ‘must be destroyed’ - Jimmy Song

elocal magazine November 2023

Race Based Division of New Zealand

By: Andy Loader


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