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This is why the fiat system ‘ruins everything’ and ‘must be destroyed’ - Jimmy Song

elocal magazine November 2023

Race Based Division of New Zealand

By: Andy Loader

Is the WHO (World Health Organisation) a front organisation for the takeover of the New Zealand Government?

By: Dr. Frank Eliason

Free Speech Space with MJ - Geoff Neal

It’s The Facts.NZ! – So Why Do Our Media Ignore Them?

Free Speech Space with MJ - Dr David Wilson

Dr David Wilson Economist “How Do We Fix the Record Failure of Labour?”

Free Speech Space with MJ - Democratic Alliance Party

Post Election Minor Parties Commentary

The Founding of the City of Auckland

By: Democracy Action

What Should We Expect to Change Under the Newly Elected Government?

By: Guy Hatchard

New Zealand is at the Crossroads No Other Election Has EVER Been This SERIOUS.

By: Andy Loader, Poke the Bear

Do parents have rights anymore?

By: Penny - Pendulum on Voice Media

Fluoride Harms Us, The Govt Funds It

Penny Marie (Pendulum) with Kane Titchener, Fluoride Free NZ

U.S. Dollar’s New Ally – Will Tokenizing U.S. Treasuries Keep Dollar King? — Pat LaVecchia

elocal magazine October 2023

No-fishing zones to extend to 18% of the Hauraki Gulf

By: Democracy Action

The Renewable Energy Dream

By: Andy Loader, Poke the Bear

Disinformation: the price of a free and open democracy

By: Free Speech Union

The Magic of Natural Immunity

By: New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out With Science

A Global Situation, A Local Response

By: Penny - Pendulum on Voice Media

‘Everything’ points towards a ‘Great Depression’

elocal magazine September 2023

The Nose Knows: 8 Diseases That Dogs Are Good at Sniffing Out

Reproduced with Permission from

Free Speech Space with MJ - Scotty Bright

Scotty Bright Candidate for Port Waikato Democracy NZ Party


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