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A Global Situation, A Local Response

By: Penny - Pendulum on Voice Media

Kiwi Mum Speaks On Greek Radio (live play podcast)

Recently, a kiwi mum was invited onto a radio show in Greece, to chat about the similarities between what is happening in New Zealand, Greece and globally.

She thought the conversation would be centred on the sexualisation and gender ideology hitting our children, as that is how the host came to hear of Penny, however he first asked her how the last three years had been in New Zealand, through the so-called ‘covid years’.

Penny, the ‘kiwi mum’, is a regular contributor here at eLocal, and she has her own channel on Voice Media, ‘Pendulum’. Her content is gaining a following as she brings out evidence and truth, in a heart-centred and conversational way. Penny explains…

Everyday people have a right to be heard I'm not a scientist, a politician or a psychologist. I'm a typical kiwi mum, a woman who cares deeply for my country and it's people, for my family and friends. I've spent the last two years researching, connecting, feeling my way through everything happening around me. I'm so humbled to have had this important conversation, to bring some threads together, with Loukas, who cares as much as I do, over on the other side of the world.

Freedom of speech and discourse is disappearing “I may not agree with what you have to say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it” - Voltaire Loukas posted our conversation on his YouTube channel (in Greek and English) and both versions were censored by Youtube. This now happens on many social media platforms. We all must realise that where media and social media are ‘free’ and freely available… this doesn’t mean it’s ‘free speech’. It may mean that it is curated and one-sided, and any content that doesn’t play by ‘their’ rules, disappears. This includes what we all post online, as many of us have come to experience first-hand.

Since when has giving away our right to speak our mind and tell our stories, been for the good of mankind? I encourage us all to focus our support in places that do not censor free thought and speech. And in particular, that do not censor facts, data and personal testimonies. We must protect our freedom of speech.

Voice Media and eLocal is where I choose to publish all my journalistic work, because they are independent and unbiased. Please consider supporting these media outlets with your attention, wallet and advertising budget, because they support OUR right to be heard. We will lose the few avenues still available to us to be heard if we don’t support them.

Think global, act local Loukas gave us both the opportunity to have a personal, yet also global conversation about the patterns we are seeing worldwide. We must have these conversations. However global response is overwhelming and leaves us thinking 'what can I possibly do?'. I believe most of us are to act local.

What can you do, in your corner of the world? Among your peers and sphere of influence? Speaking at a BOT meeting was me in my corner, doing one brave thing. And it's reached tens of thousands of people. Which is now helping many to find their voices. The butterfly effect is real. Your actions DO change the world, incrementally, yet significantly. Brave begets brave.

The importance of history The saying ‘there is nothing new under the sun’ rings true. I get the feeling that we’re in a loop… history is repeating itself. During our chat, we discuss the current push globally to sexualise and confuse our children through what appears to be a harmful gender ideology, cloaked as kindness, inclusion and diversity. Loukas explains that in 1919 the Hungarian education system did the same thing. Hungarian Schools introduced sex education into primary schools, supposedly with long term goal of dismantling the family structure. At the time, the attempt to sexualise the Hungarian children failed, perhaps because at that time the family unit was strong enough to stand up for their boys and girls.

Fast-forward 100 years and where is society at now? From what I have experienced first hand in my own private life, and with almost everyone I speak to… the family unit is at it’s lowest ebb. We’re a society of people who are stressed out, worn out, time poor, distracted, disconnected from community, at odds with our families, raising our children in single-parent homes, and are divided over multiple aspects of our life (race, religion, politics, medical beliefs, money, raising children… you name it).

So… I wonder if the hit on our family unit in current times, is not by accident… but maybe entirely planned. While we’re busy and distracted, the state seem to have taken over raising our children, further weakening the family unit until there isn’t much left of it all, meanwhile stripping parents of their confidence. That sure is my story.

Does the solution lie in remembering the past? We have been sold the idea that our governments ‘help’ us to run our lives. The more we stay on our current trajectory, the more govt control, the less freedom we have.

I believe that the solution may lie in ancient wisdom. Tribal ways. Community. Extended family. The first people who came to these shores thrived here in peace for thousands of years. Without government structures and rulers. This knowledge is held in wisdom keepers around the world and is now being shared. They lived in communities and cared for each other. Living as we all know in our hearts we can live, if the government would just stop controlling us. We know how to be good people and look after one another. We just need to want to remember how.

Since when has giving away our right to speak our mind and tell our stories, been for the good of mankind?

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elocal Digital Edition – September 2023 (#269)

elocal Digital Edition
September 2023 (#269)

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