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Vaccines, Lies and Smears

COVID-19 Vaccines: Unnecessary, Ineffective and Unsafe

2020: The Year Medicine Lost Contact

COVID-19: “Asymptomatic Transmission”

CCP Officials Discussed Weaponising Coronaviruses in 2015

FLCCC Alliance to Convene Expert Panel to Discuss Access to Lifesaving Treatments for COVID-19

Immune System & Vaccines (Part I)

Immune System & Vaccines (Part II)


Boost Your Immunity

Dr. Pierre Kory: The Therapeutic Value of Ivermectin in Treatment of COVID

Excess Mortality: What You Aren't Being Told

A Supercomputer Analyzed COVID-19 – and an Interesting New Theory Has Emerged

A closer look at the bradykinin hypothesis

T-Cell Immunity and the Truth about COVID-19 in Sweden

Australian Develops Effective Triple Therapy to Treat COVID-19

Are Governments Really Following the Evidence?

Will History Vindicate the Swedish COVID-19 Strategy?

Surviving the Back to Routine Blues

Our National Shame

Child Health


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