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Academics raise concerns about shortcomings of UK Covid-19 Inquiry

By Maryanne Demasi, PhD

Eat Like Our Ancestors

By: New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out With Science

Life-enhancing resolutions that you might actually stick to

By: elocal staff

Why Are Medical Ethics Important?

By: New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out With Science

Exposure to Light at Night Messes with our Internal Body Clock

Hookworms successfully prevent type 2 diabetes in human trial

By Bronwyn Thompson

National Party Leader Christopher Luxon...

By Natural Health Alliance, Dr Frank Eliason

Omega oils

By New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out With Science

When One Woman Finds Her Brave - Lynda Wharton

By: Penny - Pendulum on Voice Media

The Impact of Therapeutic Products Act on New Zealand’s GE-Free Dream

By: Gary Moller

Franklin Hospital Leads The Way With NZ’s First Robot Assisted Hip Joint Replacement

Therapeutic Products Act - Government legislates in favour of Big Pharma and the industrial medical complex

By: Patrick Fahy, Chairman - Natural Health Alliance

Prozac “unsafe & ineffective” for young people, analysis finds

Fighting Back to Uphold Patients’ Right to Informed Consent

PCR: The Good, The Bad and The Bustin

“Safe & Effective”, Then and Now

Make a Public Submission on the COVID-19 Public Health Response Amendment Bill (No 2)

NZDSOS call for halt of vaccine rollout while quality control issues are investigated

Lockdowns double attempted suicides in 10–14 year old NZers

Dissection of Prof Hendy model presented at Ardern conference 23/9/21


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