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The Impact of Therapeutic Products Act on New Zealand’s GE-Free Dream

By: Gary Moller

In the hearts of many New Zealanders lies a shared aspiration: to see their country thrive as a global leader in organic agriculture, a GE-Free haven producing top-quality goods.

However, hidden amidst the TPA lurks a growing fear: could this law pave the way for rapid and widespread genetic engineering, compromising our dreams? Is the true purpose of this legislation for the fast-tracking of dugs that’ll never survive the rigours of clinical trials?

The Trojan Horse of Genetic Engineering The concern is palpable. The TPA seems to pave the way for wholesale genetic engineering, including mRNA treatments for plants, animals, and humans, through the backdoor. If this is true, it signals a bleak future, where New Zealand’s identity is tethered to commodity industries, forever competing on low price rather than quality. Moreover, recent experiences with COVID mRNA vaccines underscore the potential hazards of this technology. Yet, the TPA could open the floodgates for a rush of mRNA drugs and GMOs with insufficient safety checks. Here’s why:

Balancing Progress and Caution Under normal circumstances, new drug development involves meticulous research, spanning up to a decade and costing millions. Most candidates don’t even make it to the market due to harmful effects. However, the mRNA technology used in COVID vaccines overcame its historical obstacles due to an unprecedented global situation that was engineered by a lab-engineered pandemic. But this was merely the test run — the curtain-raiser for what is yet to come.

The Therapeutic Products Regulator could grant early access to drugs, including mRNA with incomplete safety data if benefits appear to outweigh the risks. Striking the right balance between progress and caution is crucial. However, the TPA might discard caution for the interests of a privileged few, reaping unimaginable profits for them, but at our cost.

The Ongoing Gold Rush The present era is witnessing an unparalleled transfer of wealth. Corporations, like Pfizer, have amassed billions from COVID vaccines. Yet, their growth prospects remain tied to expanding markets. How do they achieve this, and what are they doing right now with their billions and billions of dollars — are they buying influence? The globalist and local players behind this are fuelling the fear of another pandemic, paying influencers to endorse genetic engineering, funding university research, influencing legislation to create new markets — and to suppress dissent, acquiring natural supplement companies, and buying up valuable farmland.

The Death of Natural Health The TPA may signal the end of natural health practitioners and the remaining New Zealand-owned supplement companies, giving free range for Big Pharma, Big Medicine, Big Food, Big Agriculture and Big Chemical. After all, how many Kiwi businesses and practitioners are there who are willing to risk a five-year jail term, a two million dollar fine, and the confiscation of their assets? The legal fees alone of defending oneself may be hundreds of thousands of dollars, and they’ll face several years of being shut down from doing their business.

For the big multinationals, a fine of two million bucks is pocket-money. None of their directors will go to jail. As this legislation kicks in, they’ll make millions more — if not billions — because consumers will be forced to buy supplements from them, or have no other health option than to take their drugs, so this legislation is a good scheme for them.

Political Landscape and Educational Pursuits Political parties, like National and ACT, are the pom-pom cheerleaders for GE and GMOs for plant, animal, and human uses — farmers take careful note and with great alarm! Their enthusiastic inclination towards genetic engineering raises questions about lobbying influences.

Here’s what they have to say: “A National government will end New Zealand’s ban on gene editing and genetic modification to unlock enormous benefits for climate change, agriculture and health science” https://www.national.org.nz/national_will_end_ban_on_ge_and_gm_to_benefit_nz ACT says this: “New Zealand can be a world leader in reducing agricultural emissions and benefit from other innovations in health, nutrition and the environment with gene technology rules that are fit-for-purpose,” and: “Liberalising our GE laws would lower emissions while increasing food production, and could tackle various environmental, conservation and health issues.” https://www.act.org.nz/act_is_welcoming_national_s_support_for_our_longstanding_position_on_liberalising_new_zealand_s_archaic_ge_laws Huge Threat to Traditional Farming Note how ACT and National slip in references to the environment, inferring that GE is going to save us all from the unfounded terror of global boiling.

Using expressions like “global boiling” is alarmist hype, intended to frighten the masses into meekly accepting dangerous and unpalatable food production technologies, and all kinds of restrictions on their freedoms such as the WEF’s15 minute cities - a Trojan Horse for control.

So, farmers, if the globalists have their way, you’ll be injecting every sheep and lamb with their mRNA drugs, along with a microchip to track each animal, and you’ll be fined or unable to sell your produce if you don’t inject them — that’s the future of farming for you, or you’ll be forced into a fire sale and your land hoovered up by the globalists who made billions from the pandemic.

Or, you may survive by farming insects on small plots, and the hill-sides will be carpeted with commercial pine forests to produce all of the toilet paper needed to meet the demand caused by widespread diarrhoea from living on a diet of cricket flour and GE soy.

The Universities and Research Institutions are Reaping the Rewards Meanwhile, universities are actively participating in the “gold rush.” They’re receiving massive funding for mRNA research and related platforms, expanding their involvement in RNA technology.

Auckland University: Read carefully what they report here: “funding of $40.7m over four years will support scientists who are looking to leverage exciting new mRNA technology and its potential for new medical therapies” “RNA technology offers an opportunity to develop applications in animal health, agriculture and aquaculture. This investment is especially important to build our ability domestically to respond to future pandemics should we need to.” https://www.auckland.ac.nz/en/news/2022/05/19/funding-boost-a-shot-in-the-arm-for-therapy-innovation.html Victoria University of Wellington is making sure it is in donkey-deep: “Victoria University of Wellington and the University of Auckland have initial funding of $500,000 to develop a 7-year plan for the Platform under the co-host arrangement. Their proposal intends to bring people, facilities, information and knowledge together to focus on various RNA research and innovation projects. Once the plan is approved, a further investment of $69.5 million over seven years will fund research and innovation within the RNA Development Platform.”

https://www.mbie.govt.nz/about/news/local-research-and-innovation-in-rna-technology-set-to-ramp-up/ And so is the University of Otago: “Amaroq Therapeutics, a new biotech start-up spun out of the University of Otago, with one of the world’s most advanced programs in next-generation RNA therapy to target cancer has secured NZ$14m investment to accelerate development.” https://www.otago.ac.nz/news/news/otago830462.html The Government’s Callaghan Institute — Gracefield, Wellington is in on the act as well: “A $7.7 million science and research lab was opened on Wednesday – its tenants scientists contributing to the growing field of mRNA vaccine research.” Did you know New Zealand is Close to Producing its Own mRNA Vaccines?

Yes, New Zeland has a factory in Timaru which is ready to make millions of gene-altering drugs for plant, human, and animal use: they’re just waiting for the appointment of the Therapeutic Products Regulator to begin production! “It is just the start of the RNA nanomedicine pipeline we envisage for New Zealand – to translate mRNA and RNA research and development into homegrown vaccines and therapeutics.”

“Covid-19 vaccines are just the tip of the iceberg for what this technology offers, with enormous potential for therapeutic development not just for human medicine but also across the primary sector,’’

https://www.stuff.co.nz/timaru-herald/news/127609319/new-zealand-one-step-closer-to-producing-own-mrna-vaccine When they refer to a “pipeline” guess where it’ll be pouring its poisons? You’re right — down the throats of every plant, animal, man, woman, and child of this once beautiful, pristine country — the sky’s the limit!

Democracy at Risk The crux of the issue lies in public consultation. Were you consulted about these developments? The legislation’s potential effects seem anti-democratic, a Trojan horse that sidesteps public opinion. The stakes are high — environmental health, economic prosperity, and individual wellbeing hang in the balance.

The Call for Action NZ First emerges as our best and only realistic ally in this battle — they’re our friends. But they can’t do anything unless they have your backing, with our collective sheer weight of numbers at the polling booth. With the power to shape government, their commitment to grassroots values, and ridding this country of all the nonsense we’ve been subjected to, offers a beacon of hope. Joining forces, participating in the party’s activities as a member, and casting your vote for NZ First can be a strategic move to safeguard New Zealand’s future.

So, I urge you to join NZ First now — today — don’t delay and end up forgetting, and get involved in their activities. We can win because we occupy the moral high ground. Reclaiming Godzone: The Land of the Long White Cloud In the end, the quest is for a triumphant return to the New Zealand we cherish — a clean, green land of ethics, sustainability, and empowerment. The path forward is complex, but united we stand — as I said earlier, we already occupy the moral high ground, and that’ll ultimately guide our nation’s destiny.

As we forge ahead, let’s remember the words of Mahatma Gandhi: “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” Together, we can rise to the challenge and reclaim our beloved country, that was once nicknamed Godzone.

However, hidden amidst the TPA lurks a growing fear: could this law pave the way for rapid and widespread genetic engineering, compromising our dreams? Is the true purpose of this legislation for the fast-tracking of dugs that’ll never survive the rigours of clinical trials?

Using expressions like “global boiling” is alarmist hype, intended to frighten the masses into meekly accepting dangerous and unpalatable food production technologies, and all kinds of restrictions on their freedoms such as the WEF’s15 minute cities - a Trojan Horse for control.

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