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Issue #271

November 2023



Editor’s Note November 2023

Change doesn’t necessarily start from the top

Why Are Medical Ethics Important?

By: New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out With Science

JB's Flooring Xtra

elocal magazine November 2023

Exposure to Light at Night Messes with our Internal Body Clock

One Realty Ltd

New Zealand First

elocal magazine November 2023

Free Speech Space with MJ - Casey Costello

BREAKING! Scotty Bright Pulls Out Of Port Waikato By-Election And Endorses NZ First Candidate Casey Costello

European Car Repair Specialists

Free Speech Space with MJ - Bruce Crocombe

Election Public Scrutiny Not Achieved

LJ Hooker Pukekohe

elocal magazine November 2023

Honouring one of the best loved American presidents.

By: Julie Halligan

Where in our bodies do we feel love (and other emotions)?

By: Paul McClure

Remember, Remember The Fifth Of November.

By: Rebecca Glover

Acacia Cove Village

elocal magazine November 2023

This is why the fiat system ‘ruins everything’ and ‘must be destroyed’ - Jimmy Song

elocal magazine November 2023

PS Automotive

elocal magazine November 2023

Race Based Division of New Zealand

By: Andy Loader

Sepio Insurance Management

elocal magazine November 2023

Is the WHO (World Health Organisation) a front organisation for the takeover of the New Zealand Government?

By: Dr. Frank Eliason

Free Speech Space with MJ - Geoff Neal

It’s The Facts.NZ! – So Why Do Our Media Ignore Them?

Free Speech Space with MJ - Dr David Wilson

Dr David Wilson Economist “How Do We Fix the Record Failure of Labour?”

Free Speech Space with MJ - Democratic Alliance Party

Post Election Minor Parties Commentary

The Founding of the City of Auckland

By: Democracy Action

What Should We Expect to Change Under the Newly Elected Government?

By: Guy Hatchard

Callander Construction

How the Treaty of Waitangi was Reinvented After 1975

By: Martin Doutré part 4 of five

Steak, Cheese & Mushroom Pot Pies

elocal magazine November 2023

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