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When One Woman Finds Her Brave - Lynda Wharton

By: Penny - Pendulum on Voice Media

This conversation will inform… it might surprise… mostly it will inspire. Join Lynda and Penny chatting about censorship, science, psychology and courage.

Lynda Wharton is founder of The Health Forum NZ, established in early 2021 to support covid injection injured people, and families who have lost loved ones following the injection.

Lynda had been watching the Covid injection warp-speed rollout in the USA, England, Europe and Israel, and watching the government owned Adverse Event databases, in UK and USA in particular.

She saw very quickly that there was a rapid escalation of adverse events, and the alarming number of very serious adverse events and deaths. Usually these databases, which are ‘early warning systems’ for vaccines, mostly report a variety of less severe events, such as fevers and sore arms…however following the covid injection rollout there were growing reports of heart attacks, strokes, neurological damage and deaths. The VAERS Database in USA is known to report about 1% of total events, and even so, the high numbers and severity of events caused Lynda to take action.

NZ’s frontrunner for truth and scientific data Out of sheer frustration of not seeing anyone else in New Zealand speaking out about what was about to happen here, following suit of countries who had rolled out their ‘vaccine’ schedule ahead of us, Lynda created a Facebook forum, and started sharing reports and evidence from overseas, to enable kiwis to understand the risks. Her Facebook following grew to over 58,000 before it was de-platformed after 9 months.

She was regularly banned on Facebook for 90 days at a time, for mentioning such science as the effectiveness of Ivermectin, evidence of causal link between the injection and myocarditis, and even for speaking about the benefits of zinc and Vitamin D.

“You never know how your courage is going to change somebody else’s life. Be the change you want to see.” - Lynda

Citizens Database of serious adverse events and post-injection deaths

Lynda and her team are committed to this significant piece of work. They have gathered extensive family reported, detailed medical data of many kiwi’s who have experienced Serious Adverse Events, or death, after the covid injection. Lynda is confident that one day soon this evidence will form the basis of a legal action, seeking acknowledgement, justice and compensation for all those who have suffered at the hands of a poorly tested experimental, “warp speed” injection

A second, more observational data base, records New Zealand deaths in those people confirmed to have received covid injections. This includes many deaths in mandated sectors. While no claims can be made about a “causal” connection, many of the deaths are “sudden and unexpected” in otherwise healthy young people. Many deaths also have a short time frame of (hours, days or a week or two) between injection and death. Both obvious “red flags” worthy of detailed analysis by authorities.

The deaths database currently includes:

  • 25 children under age 18 who have died in unusual or unexpected deaths.

  • 767 deaths in total that are temporally related "not confirmed as causal” link to the Covid Pfizer injections. This data has been provided by NZDSOS to NZ authorities, including the Prime Minister, Minister of Health and Director General of Health on numerous occasions, with requests to halt the vaccine rollout.

If you have suffered an adverse event post-injection, or you are experiencing health complications that cannot otherwise be explained, you are invited to make a report to the Health Forum confidential database, using the website form at www.thehealthforumnz.co.nz.

Brave is beautiful, courage is contagious The most beautiful part of this conversation is the raw courage of one woman who found her brave, and who continues to find it daily. Lynda and her amazing team courageously carry out their often harrowing work, on behalf of those who have been damaged by the government’s demands.

“Courage isn’t that you don’t feel the fear or vulnerability. Courage is feeling it, and continuing anyway.” - Lynda

Find The Health Forum NZ Website: www.thehealthforumnz.co.nz Email: thehealthforumnz@protonmail.com Social Media Twitter: NZ and the MRNA https://twitter.com/HopeRising19 Mewe: mewe.com/join/thehealthforumnz1 Telegram: t.me/covaxnz

“You never know how your courage is going to change somebody else’s life. Be the change you want to see.” - Lynda

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elocal Digital Edition
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