Articles by Dr Sam Bailey

Dr Sam Bailey is a medically trained doctor and research physician who makes health videos on questions from her viewers. She researches and covers common medical conditions, but will also tackle controversial health issues.

PCR: The Good, The Bad and The Bustin

“Safe & Effective”, Then and Now

Once Upon a Time in Wuhan

Covid-19 FAQs 2

Covid-19 Shots, Cancer and HIV

The Hidden Secrets of Water

The Truth about PCR Tests

Vaccine Misinformation Mythology

Vaccines, Lies and Smears

2020: The Year Medicine Lost Contact

COVID-19: “Asymptomatic Transmission”

Immune System & Vaccines (Part I)

Immune System & Vaccines (Part II)

Covid-19 FAQs

Boost Your Immunity

Excess Mortality: What You Aren't Being Told


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