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2023 National Flash Fiction Competition

By: Franklin Writers Group

‘Black Hands: Inside the Bain Family Murders’

by Martin van Beynen

‘A Promised Land: The Presidential Memoirs, Vol. 1’

by Barack Obama

‘Pull No Punches: Memoir of a Political Survivor’

by Judith Collins

‘All about Kate’

by Josie Laird

‘Standing Upright Here: Global Ethics For the 21st Century’

by Gwen S. Francis

‘Josephine's Garden’

by Stephanie Parkyn

‘Free Speech Under Attack’

by Peter Cresswell, Jeremy Fisher, David Round, Robert Stanmore, and Tim Wikiriwhi

‘The Strength of Eggshells’

by Kirsty Powell

‘The Island’

by Keith Fenwick

‘The Alexandrite’

by Dione Jones

‘The Missing Lands: Uncovering Earth’s Pre-Flood Civilization’

by Freddy Silva

‘Gretchen Albrecht: Between Gesture & Geometry’

by Luke Smythe

‘Finding Frances Hodgkins’

by Mary Kisler

‘John Scott Works’

by David Straight

‘Down the Bay: A Natural and Cultural History of Abel Tasman Park’

by Philip Simpson


by Annette Lees

‘Living Big in a Tiny House’

by Bryce Langston

‘The Second Grave’

by Ian Austin

‘My Indian Kitchen’

by Ashia Ismail-Singer


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