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‘American Dream Is Dead’, These Are Top Passports, Safest Banks & Ways to Protect Wealth

Michelle Makori, Lead Anchor and Editor-in-Chief at Kitco News, interviews Andrew Henderson, founder of Nomad Capitalist, who says the “American dream is dead.” He discusses why it is worth adopting a global citizen philosophy to get access to the safest banks and best passports. Henderson breaks down geographic locations regarding investment benefits, banks, and geopolitical safety. He weighs in on the latest moves in gold and Bitcoin. Henderson also explores which countries are the safest from the risks posed by the central bank digital currencies (CBDC) and shares the top geopolitical threats he is watching.

Summary The conversation explores the concept of going where you’re treated best and the importance of diversifying assets and passports. It discusses the decline of Western countries in economic and personal freedom rankings and the need to protect assets and personal freedom through offshore strategies. The conversation also touches on the topics of de-dollarization, the role of gold and Bitcoin in asset protection, and the risks and benefits of holding multiple passports. The upcoming Nomad Capitalist event is also mentioned. The conversation covers various topics related to banking, geopolitics, and investing. It discusses the differences between banks in different countries, the safety of banks in Singapore, the impact of cancel culture on bank accounts, the rise of central bank digital currencies, the possibility of nuclear war, and the concept of the American dream. The conversation also touches on investing in emerging markets, obtaining second citizenship, and the upcoming Nomad Capitalist event in Kuala Lumpur.

Takeaways The American dream is declining, and Western countries are going down in economic and personal freedom rankings.

Diversifying assets and passports is crucial for protecting personal freedom and reducing risks. De-dollarization is gradually happening, which may lead to increased taxation, surveillance, and restrictions on freedoms. Gold and Bitcoin are seen as safe havens and store of value, but there may be increasing regulations and taxation in the future.

The US banking sector is considered risky, and other banks globally are seen as safer options. Banks in different countries have varying levels of safety and conservatism. The cancel culture and political opinions can lead to bank accounts being closed.

Central bank digital currencies pose a threat to privacy and freedom.

The possibility of nuclear war exists, but it is important to focus on things within our control.

The American dream is fading, and it is important to explore opportunities in other countries.

Investing in emerging markets can provide better returns than traditional markets.

Obtaining second citizenship and diversifying bank accounts can provide more options and flexibility.The Nomad Capitalist event in Kuala Lumpur offers a platform to learn from experts and explore global opportunities.

Chapters 00:00 The Decline of the American Dream and Western Countries 07:22 Diversifying Passports and Assets for Risk Reduction 37:53 The Future of the US Banking Sector: Risks and Safety 46:59 Central Bank Digital Currencies 54:45 Possibility of Nuclear War 01:02:21 Exploring Opportunities Abroad 01:14:17 Tolerance and Cultural Perspectives

“Conservative, you go to Hong Kong, for example, whether you like Hong Kong or not. I mean, for years, it’s been, we don’t really want more money.”

“Go where you’re treated best. Those are the five magic words.”

“Having multiple passports gives you the ability to avoid all those things, travel to more countries, have more opportunities.”

“If you’re in the UAE during the Great Recession, you were at the mercy of the government stepping in, but they said, listen, we’re going to ensure every dollar, every Durham, every everything, no matter what happens in our banks, because we have your standards for what it takes to be a bank.”

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elocal Digital Edition – May 2024 (#277)

elocal Digital Edition
May 2024 (#277)

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