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“Reputation Over Humanity - Questioning the System”

Free Speech with MJ - Sue Grey

The conversation between Mykeljon Winckel and Sue Grey explores the theme of reputation over humanity and the lack of accountability in corporate and government decision-making. They discuss examples such as the British Post Office case and the compulsory fluoridation of drinking water in New Zealand. They highlight the importance of questioning and challenging the system, as well as the need for community engagement and unity. The conversation concludes with the message of taking back one’s power and being conscious of one’s choices.

Keywords reputation, humanity, accountability, corporate fascism, WEF, United Nations, COVID response, fluoride, human rights, government, community, power

Takeaways The focus on reputation often takes precedence over the well-being and rights of individuals and communities. There is a lack of accountability in corporate and government decision-making, leading to harmful consequences for people. It is important to question and challenge the system, and to actively contribute to positive change.

Community engagement and unity are crucial in creating a better society. Taking back one’s power and being conscious of one’s choices is essential for personal growth and empowerment.

Chapters 00:00 Introduction and Overview 02:27 Lack of Accountability in Corporate and Government Decision-Making 08:57 The Prevalence of Reputation Over Humanity 15:06 The Importance of Community Engagement

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elocal Digital Edition – May 2024 (#277)

elocal Digital Edition
May 2024 (#277)

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