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Issue #220

July 2019



A New Beginning in Paerata Rise

Family Living at its Finest

Change is good!

Creating your Vision!

Crafting a Little Piece of You

Music Education in Schools

A History

Building Beautiful Homes For Discerning Families

Rotary Club of Drury Trainee of the Year

In The Navy, You Can Sail The Seven Seas: James Cook's Naval Career 1755-1768

Captain James Cook (Part II)

Cosmos Blooming

Tim Ashby-Peckham

Sack the A.T Board!

Fuel your passion – Meet Chip!

Murder Most Foul: How the Queen's Justice failed Southern Tribal Chiefs

Scumbuggery (Part V)

Deep Black: What was hidden in New Zealand, and why?

Top Secret: U-Boat 196 (Part IV)

A Little Bowl of Life: Soup

Gold Mining in New Zealand

A History

July in Papakura

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