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Dr Michelle Ann Smith is a historian, curator and researcher. A former curator of the Papakura Museum, she holds a PhD in medieval history and gender from the University of Auckland.

Captain James Cook (Part VI)

The Legacy of Captain Cook's Pacific Voyages

by Dr Michelle Ann Smith

After his death, James Cook’s memory was revered and his mana grew, while ‘his reputation spread across the Pacific’.[2] However, it was in only those places, such as Hawaii and Tahiti, where ‘Cook had forged a ceremonial friendship with a paramount chie…

Captain James Cook (Part V)

Friends and Enemies: The third and final voyage of Captain James Cook, 1776-1779

by Dr Michelle Ann Smith

Captain James Cook part 5 of 5 On his return to England in July 1775, Cook accepted a position with the Royal Hospital at Greenwich, claiming his sailing days were over, probably to the relief of his wife. Before long, the lure of the ocean had Cook agre…

Captain James Cook (Part IV)

Icebergs, cannibals, and ‘other kinds of people’ The second voyage of James Cook, 1772-1775

by Dr Michelle Ann Smith

Captain James Cook part 4 of 6 Still believing a Southern Continent existed, and keen to locate it, Joseph Banks pushed hard for a second Pacific voyage. To his disappointment, the Admiralty called on Cook to lead the expedition, with instructions to fin…

Captain James Cook (Part III)

Terra Australis Incognita: the first Pacific voyage 1768-1771

by Dr Michelle Ann Smith

Captain James Cook part 3 of 6 In May 1768, having secured a naval commission, forty-year old Lieutenant Cook was finally given the command of his own ship. Officially, Cook was sent to the South Pacific to observe the Transit of Venus. An accurate calcu…

Captain James Cook (Part II)

James Cook's Naval Career 1755-1768

by Dr Michelle Ann Smith

James Cook’s quest to ‘range’ further than any other man began incrementally. Having declined the offer by his employer, John Walker, to take command of one of his ships Cook volunteered for service with the British Royal Navy. Walker was unsurprised at …

Captain James Cook (Part I)

Where No Man Has Gone Before

by Dr Michelle Ann Smith

This year, between October and December, a replica of the Endeavour will sail around New Zealand to commemorate a significant event in Aotearoa New Zealand’s history: Captain James Cook’s first visit to New Zealand. While not the first European to visit …

The Stewarts of Kilbarchan, Scotland Have Arrived!

Waikato Immigration Scheme

by Dr Michelle Ann Smith

On the 14th March1 1865 the Resolute, the last of the Waikato Immigration Scheme ships, slid down the river Clyde (Glasgow) thus beginning its long journey to New Zealand. 358 passengers disembarked in Auckland on 24th June 1865 after a relatively quick…