Articles by Don Brash

Dr Don Brash is an economist and former Member of Parliament. He served as the Governor of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand from 1988 to 2002.

Michael Reddell on House Prices

Where to Begin?

Trump: The Worst U.S. President in my Lifetime

We Have Gone Mad!

Further Proof We've Gone Mad

House Prices Have Gone Crazy!

Who's to blame this time?

An Extraordinary Result

Left vs. Right

The Big Six Issues This Election Should Deal with!

COVID-19 Raises Some Very Tough Questions

Politics is an Unpredictable Game

The New Racism

That Budget

Have We Been Conned?

A Month Can Be a Very Long Time

Election 2020: What Should We Hope for?

The Country Is Going Mad

Does Foreign Investment Mean They're Controlling Us?

The Pros and Cons of Foreign Investment

House Prices, Again!

Let's Teach New Zealand History – All Of It!


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