Articles by Dr Robin Wakeling

Dr Robin Wakeling is a microbiologist and biodeterioration expert. Holding a PhD in fungal ecology from the University of Waikato, he was a research scientist at New Zealand Forest Research Institute for 25 years. Since 2005, he has operated a private consultancy with his wife, specialising in microbial building forensics.

Science & common sense, verses science as a belief system and Covid19

By: Dr Robin Wakelin Part 1

Microscopy Showing Potential Harm to Those Vaccinated with Pfizer Comirnaty

Only Non-Compliance Can End the “Covid-19” Coup

We Must Protect Our Children

Corruption Lawsuits Emerging for Escalating Covid-19 Crimes Against Humanity

Will Independent Thought Reach Critical Mass to Blow the Lid off the Covid-19 Debacle?


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