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Will Independent Thought Reach Critical Mass to Blow the Lid off the Covid-19 Debacle?

by Dr Robin Wakeling

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Mark Twain famously said, “it is easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled”. Whilst points of view can appear to be paradoxical, both right, sometimes this is illusory, and we need to go back to the basics. Real people live in three dimensions not two and so the solution to the illustration is to flip the number the right way up before interpreting it. The cartoonist was messing with their heads.

If the Governments story about Covid19 and the alleged need for mass roll out of experimental “vaccines” is grossly exaggerated or just plain wrong as millions of people now realise, how do we communicate this to the billions who still trust their perspective? Unfortunately, unless we remember to ask for proof that what we’ve been shown is positioned correctly we’ll continue to make the same mistake. I asked for proof and this is my story. If you are familiar with Charles Dickens second novel “Oliver Twist”, the boy who asked for more, you know where this story is going, although the happy ending may be less certain depending on interest.

I have been a microbiologist just shy of 40 years and I specialise in forensics and expert witness testimony. I have provided evidence in hundreds of disputes and there were always experts who agreed with me and those who did not, even though we all had access to the same evidence. It is important to understand that experts typically comment on parts of a story, usually a small part at the behest of others who have a particular agenda. In the adversarial court system of robust democratic countries this is usually a robust system provided that each party is equally funded and resourced. All sides get the opportunity to call witnesses to give their side of the story and to cross examine the opposition expert opinions in a carefully controlled and respectful environment and this is one of the best ways of getting to the truth, albeit a very expensive and protracted one (civil litigation can cost hundreds of millions of dollars and can go on for many years).

Outside of the court environment, the heightened potential for abuse of expert opinion by overly narrow advocacy is significant if one side of an argument steals the show. Our Government has chosen experts to comment on narrow parts of the Covid19 story to fit a preformed and increasingly entrenched and flawed narrative that is unnecessarily damaging and dangerous and many people are oblivious to an escalating travesty that is far more damaging and potentially dangerous than a new disease per se. There has been no accountability based on opposition party challenge such that we essentially have a one-party war footing system of rule that has moved us closer to totalitarianism than at any other time in New Zealand’s history. I think this is worth talking about.

Three months ago, I asked the Government for proof of concept for their Covid19 policy although my questions were somewhat rhetorical because we already know from first principles that what the Government is doing is unconventional, unscientific, unethical, and according to common law, constitutional law and the NZ Medicines Act is arguably unlawful. A recent High Court decision agreed that indeed the Government had acted outside of the law with respect to the NZ Medicines Act but then insinuated that in an unproven crisis the Government can change the law retrospectively without legal reprimand. This implies that the law applies when the Government says it does without the Courts needing to check that the evidence for the alleged crisis and the retrospective law change exists. This sounds suspiciously like fascism, a suspicion that was heightened by the undemocratic response I got to my request for proof.

Let’s go back to the scientific basics so we can see things as they are rather than how the Government has shown them to us. Between 2001 and 2005 I helped to established and supervise a Government funded PCR test research project that attempted to detect elusive and damaging fungi in buildings. PCR is an excellent research tool that has revolutionised some aspects of genetic research and the inventor and biochemist Kerry B. Mullis received the Nobel prize for his brilliant contribution to science. His untimely death in 2019 was a great loss because what I am about to say would have been that much more arresting had he been alive to share it directly.

The incredible sensitivity of the PCR test, coupled with the difficulties of establishing a reliable diagnostic link between the presence of a very small part of a small amount of a potential or spent pathogen (as opposed to incidental artifacts and contamination) and actual disease in a minority of people who are susceptible to said pathogen, creates enormous room for error – error that has been confirmed for Covid19.

Read that sentence again, and again because it is a mouthful and anyone who understands its implications has the key to blowing the lid off the Covid19 debacle.1𝄒2

The misuse of the PCR test has led to a highly significant exaggeration of the Covid19 risk which has in turn been used to justify crippling but wholly unnecessary lockdowns and the mass roll out of relatively poorly understood and potentially dangerous phase 3 trial treatments (mRNA and DNA “vaccines”). It is beyond the realms of plausibility for this to have been a straightforward error all the way along the chain of command for the full 18 months since PCR was put forward as if it were the gold standard diagnostic test for Covid19 disease. The extent of unnecessary economic and social damage and the potential for adverse “vaccine” reactions that this situation has caused is incalculable and risks becoming the biggest economic, social and health “care” travesty in peacetime human history.

If I appear to be exaggerating, consider the fact that as you read this, pharmaceutical companies are openly injecting children with experimental Covid19 “vaccines” that do not yet have full FDA approval, almost as if they were laboratory rats in preparation for large scale injection into our children who are at close to zero risk from Covid19. Similarly, people such as pregnant women and other potentially vulnerable people have already been injected with the Pfizer mRNA shot seemly without proper informed consent having been given and without the normal relevant safety studies having been carried out and before the FDA’s full approval has been given. Compliance with this type of fear driven policy is tantamount to madness. The only explanation I can come up with to explain how people sleep at night with this kind of madness unfolding on their watch is that people are under a spell of cognitive dissonance, Government propaganda and suspended disbelief.

The number of deaths and serious illness recorded by the VAERS database via the CDC website for the Covid19 mRNA and DNA new generation “vaccines” is alarming given that this source reference is often considered to represent just 10% of the actual numbers and given the unusually long delays of many months between the adverse reactions occurring and their appearance on the database and given that some of the most concerning possible adverse reactions such as autoimmune disease and interference with reproduction may not develop for many months or years.

Given the likely widespread possession of natural immunity to the SARS II virus, a potent form of protection that is generally accepted to be much more powerful than vaccine derived protection and given the low risks of Covid19 for most healthy and vital people and given the elevated risks of phase 3 trial mRNA and DNA “vaccines” compared to fully approved conventional vaccines, it beggars belief that the Government has ordered 30 million doses of the Pfizer and Johnson and Johnson shots but refuses to disclose the cost and paper trail behind this unprecedented and highly suspect intervention. Taxpayers have a right to this information and free people have a right to informed consent borne of full disclosure of the relative risks from Covid19 and phase 3 trial mRNA and DNA “vaccines” for all age groups and all personal situations something that can only be obtained through robust application of the Hippocratic oath from a well-informed independent physician. The Government has failed to provide this most basic of human rights, rights that are clearly spelt out in the Nuremburg bioethics code and other inviolate ethical guidelines.

But it is critical to understand that evidence and expertise has very little to do with our ability to recognise the true significance of the glaring inconsistencies between what is happening all around us and the endless cycle of fear news describing what is allegedly happening elsewhere, much of which has been disproven. Those who believe the Government and the news that supports its Covid19 policies, and who carry on listening to it are unlikely to change their beliefs or their willingness to comply with self-destructive “biosecurity” policies, such is the spell of fear and misplaced trust.

Those of us who stop listening to the news to think independently for long enough to get serious alternative views from independent experts are unlikely to trust the news ever again, given the magnitude of the ineptitude of those media outlets that shout loudest the longest.

Those of us on the fence, many of whom are better informed but cannot bring themselves to believe that they could be witnessing such an appalling travesty in their lifetime continue to dither in the middle. Unfortunately, the time for dithering is long gone and there is a danger that with no line drawn in the sand, those on the fence will go on meekly complying with flawed and dangerous policy to their own detriment and more importantly the detriment of everyone’s children and grandchildren whose freedoms, opportunities and health are in danger because of Government policy, not Covid19 directly.

I have a particular interest in microbial ecology having studied it in great depth during my doctoral studies (my third biology degree). My first degree in human biology and my ongoing interest in holistic health and medicine enabled me to recognise the value of the arguments of some of the most eminent independent epidemiologists in the world who remain adamant that Government Covid19 policy has failed to apply the most basic principles of infectious disease management and control. You don’t need 3 biology degrees and 40 years of experience of microbial research and forensics to understand this: much of it is common sense borne of independent thought. I know people in many walks of life who have highly varied knowledge and expertise and it is clear that it is independent thought not who we are that allows us to see things clearly. Faith in our ourselves and in powers greater than the Government also plays an important part in exposure.

The most important principles of epidemiology are grounded in a robust understanding of microbial ecology. The circumstances that lead to expression of disease in living tissues is an immensely complex phenomenon comprising a multifactorial interaction of a myriad of environmental factors coupled with an incredibly complex cascade of biochemical, electrical, physiological and immunological reactions and their feedback loops the nature of which modern medicine is a long way from fully understanding. Mass roll out of phase 3 trial mRNA and DNA “vaccines” for age groups at very low risk from Covid19, before we better understand their effects on this complex natural system is dangerous and unnecessarily risks the lives and health of an unknown number of people.

With respect to infectious disease, the natural immunity of a healthy vital body and mind is profoundly more important to our health and well-being than any other factor for most of us for most of our life, particularly if we take care of ourselves. The role of pharmaceutical drugs is an important one, often a lifesaving one when things go badly wrong with our bodies or if we have congenital health problems. However, it is a fact that one of the biggest killers in western countries is inappropriate use of pharmaceutical drugs by the medical establishment.

The priority of an independent and informed doctor is to keep us safe and healthy, but the priority of pharmaceutical companies is profit – and it is naïve to think otherwise. The greater the sickness, the greater the profit. You don’t need a medical degree to see a potential conflict between profit and health, a conflict that is likely accentuated during a crisis when clear thinking borne of cool long-term debate is absent and where the opportunity to make trillions of dollars resides. Having made trillions of dollars from Covid19, just one of many possible risks, real or imagined the potential for profiteering is significant and to pretend otherwise is also naive. There is a well-established positive profit feedback loop inherent in over-use of pharmaceutical drugs many of which are not used to treat the original complaint but are used to counteract the complications and damage caused by prescribed drugs, likely including vaccines.

Most of the trillions of microorganisms in and on our bodies during our lifetime are either incidental or beneficial and those that have a pathogenic potential are much less common and are typically kept under control by a healthy body and its immune system the genius and effectiveness of which is often not appreciated. Infectious disease that kills large numbers of people in short time periods is related to the coming together of adverse environmental conditions and poor health which is often related to poverty and poor living conditions and calamity both natural and man-made, although the excesses of modern living may also be important. It is unlikely to be a coincidence that the 1918 Spanish flu epidemic occurred on the back of the devastation and fall out of the first world war.

The media would have us believe that pandemics are primarily the result of implausible naturally occurring viral mutations, adaptations and species cross-over. Even allowing for the possibility of escaped man-made viruses and their by-products such as toxic spike proteins, nature and the healthy human body and mind is a tough nut to crack, i.e., our own natural defences and our ability to think for ourselves are a considerable asset if we choose to deploy them to full effect. The more devastating bioweapons have effects that would be difficult to conceal and are unlikely to be a threat in the immediate future, but this may change if we don’t take the appropriate measures to control clandestine gain of function research and its more nefarious applications. Gain of function research makes naturally occurring microorganisms such as viruses more dangerous on the flawed and dubious basis that this would allow us to be prepared. Laboratory made viruses don’t occur in nature and we only need to be prepared if the laboratory variants escape or are used as bioweapons. Partly because of this, gain of function research was banned in USA until President Biden reinstated it although prior to that it was continued elsewhere including Wuhan China. However, this may be a moot point given the secretive nature of military research.

The concept that we absolutely need vaccines to stay healthy most of the time in advanced civilisation where most people are healthy through prosperity and opportunity borne of freedom is a false one and a potentially dangerous one. One of my professional activities is provision of expert witness testimony during patent disputes. There is currently an explosion in the number of patents being awarded for vaccines, gene therapy technologies and other “innovations” that are of great concern to anyone aware of their implications and possible nefarious application. It is essential to the future well-being of humanity that we do not allow obscene profit and other potentially damaging incentives to abuse this wave of technologies, the worth of which is highly questionable in terms of our God given health.

Had our sole response to Covid-19 centred around protecting the vulnerable whilst leaving the healthy asymptomatic majority to get on with their lives unmolested, we would have saved trillions of dollars and would have prevented untold suffering and loss of life. Just imagine for a moment what we could have spent that money and effort on had we been more informed. I have never been more certain of something so important and millions of others share my views. I may know more about the limitations of the PCR test than most of New Zealand’s medical experts appear too, but I am not a medical expert and I do not offer medical advice. People must make up their own minds on all Covid19 related issues. My only advice is to think, and then think again, and again for as long as it takes to help yourself and those around you.3𝄒4

Where is your evidence buddy? It is tempting to retort where is yours but let us return to the basics. The evidence is everywhere for those with eyes to see and open minds to think about it, but my evidence is something of a moot point for four reasons. Firstly, I am not telling people what to do except to indulge themselves in more independent thought, and in a free country I am entitled to an honestly-held opinion, particularly when it is based on over 40 years of scientific training and the lion’s share of over a century of peer reviewed science. Secondly, any critically thinking person who has lived through 2020 has all the evidence they need: if we just think about it from our own experience rather than here say news stories that allege the largely unproven experiences of others. Thirdly, despite an unprecedented level of censorship by many media platforms, the internet nonetheless is teeming with doctors, scientists, lawyers and genuine philanthropists trying to raise the alarm: all we have to do is listen to them and check out the peer reviewed science they have taken the trouble to collate. Fourthly, I am not the one taking away the freedoms and opportunities that are guaranteed to all freedom loving people, freedoms that millions died for: it is my Government that is responsible, and the burden of proof lies with them.

I asked the highest levels of our Government for proof of concept for their Covid19 policies in clear scientific terms. The tardy, meagre response I got was so appalling lacking in basic scientific robustness that it would not have passed a well-run high school science assignment. I expect more from my taxation. The contention that we are living through a pandemic as dangerous as the 1918 Spanish flu, but which allegedly requires far more draconian measures than were applied in 1918 and which we know for a fact were not necessary given our rapid recovery, is an extraordinary claim. It requires a lot more proof than two hundred odd words of pseudoscientific mumbo jumbo and the handful of flaky references offered, most of which completely ignored my straightforward questions. If enough people asked for proof, perhaps the cat would be out of the bag. For part 1 of the analysis of the Governments justification for its Covid19 policy, see Dr Sam Bailey's video at https://odysee.com/@drsambailey:c/covid-19-asymptomatic-transmission.

In closing, if my narrative sounds conspiratorial bear in mind that conspiracy and deception have been the bread and butter of at least some of the ruling class for millennia, usually the most nefarious kind. We have short memories and have been duped into believing that in the twenty first century we have more to fear from harmless conspiracy theorists than the actual conspiracists themselves. In fact, so effective is the so called “fact checking” propaganda that our default position is that if you share a different narrative you are by definition not only a conspiracy theorist, but you are also the conspiracist. An accusation so virile that it requires no evidence just an utterance and allusion to hate speech. Shoot the messenger and get on with believing. Media seems incapable of using the word conspiracy without propagandising it with the suffix theory. The days of Watergate conspiracy facts when investigative journalism had more teeth seem to be long gone.

Given recent history and the relatively short and fragile nature of the window of opportunity that allowed the middle and lower classes to taste prosperity and freedom in the twentieth and twenty first centuries after millennia of oppression and misery at the hands of the ruling classes, it would be naïve to take this fragility and brief relief for granted on the basis that tyranny is on holiday. The concentration of power and obscene wealth that leads to tyranny and suppression of freedom and opportunity for the masses is as big a threat today as it ever was but there are a lot more of us than them. Advances in surveillance technology and biotechnology have the potential to make the pharmaceutical industry and its affiliates and minions obscenely wealthy and powerful. Together with other potential abuses of wealth and power this poses a far greater and far more imminent risk to mankind than the trumped-up dangers of the fear mongering media.


Freedom is like a soufflé, a near miracle of culinary perfection and timing. Get the ingredients wrong and it never rises or forget its delicate nature and it quickly collapses. In 2020 I realised that our freedom and all our good fortune that arises from it is similarly vulnerable.

The soufflé miracle of freedom and prosperity enjoyed by millions and then billions in the 20th and early 21st Centuries arose from an extraordinarily delicate sequence and balance of complex socio-economic and political circumstances and the best of human spirit and courage. We emerged from millennia of prior oppression, poverty and abject misery stretching all the way back through recorded history. Apart from the occasional memory and contemplation borne of major economic depressions, we now take our good fortune for granted and we do so at our peril.

2020 should have been the mother of all wake up calls, but instead our amnesia and our misunderstanding of our good fortune and what it takes to maintain its delicate nature took a terrifying nosedive that may take another miracle to salvage. Without a critical mass of independent thought this miracle seems unlikely.

Get thinking to save the day and to realise your own power and to ask for proof and then get on with being free, or get used to the alternative.

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Had our sole response to Covid-19 centred around protecting the vulnerable whilst leaving the healthy asymptomatic majority to get on with their lives unmolested, we would have saved trillions of dollars and would have prevented untold suffering and loss of life.

The priority of an independent and informed doctor is to keep us safe and healthy, but the priority of pharmaceutical companies is profit – and it is naïve to think otherwise.

Those of us who stop listening to the news long enough to get serious alternative views from independent experts are unlikely to trust the news ever again.

I am not the one taking away the freedoms and opportunities that are guaranteed to all freedom loving people, freedoms that millions died for: it is my Government that is responsible, and the burden of proof lies with them.

Dr Robin Wakeling is a microbiologist and biodeterioration expert. Holding a PhD in fungal ecology from the University of Waikato, he was a research scientist at New Zealand Forest Research Institute for 25 years. Since 2005, he has operated a private consultancy with his wife, specialising in microbial building forensics.

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