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Microscopy Showing Potential Harm to Those Vaccinated with Pfizer Comirnaty

by Dr Robin Wakeling

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Microscopy evidence given to the New Zealand Police pursuant to a complaint against Medsafe for causing escalating harm and death from the Covid19 vaccine Comirnaty

Allegations of “the worst disease in 100 years” and slogans such as “safe and effective vaccine” were reason enough for many trusting Kiwis to take the Pfizer Biontech Covid19 “vaccine” called Comirnaty. More cautious Kiwis would likely have waited until mid-2023 when full approval may be awarded to Comirnaty, or until mid to long term safety data arrives, a process that previously took approximately 10 years for conventional vaccines.

Having been told by the Prime Minister that there would be no vaccine mandates it would likely have come as a shock when she then removed freedom of choice from the equation with “vaccine” mandates. Facing job-loss, financial ruin and exclusion from many public spaces and public services it is likely that many Kiwis who would have waited, only got injected with Comirnaty because they felt they had no choice. Kiwis who still did not comply were effectively excluded from mainstream New Zealand society and in many cases suffered tremendous hardship. They were then denied an audience with their Members of Parliament when they asked for an explanation and for an end to the mandates.

The protestors at Parliament argued that mandates were unnecessary and were in breach of the Nuremburg bioethics code and the Hippocratic oath: the right to medicine according to individual needs, a previously inviolate code of conduct for those giving medicine. Polls showed that 30% of Kiwis supported in principle the rights of the unvaccinated to be heard during the protest. The Government’s decision to use force against its people instead of first engaging in peaceful dialogue, having already flip flopped on the issue of “vaccine” mandates sets a very dangerous precedent of totalitarianism over temperance, individual rights and democracy.

Those hoping to be heard in the future on issues that are important to them, might expect the same treatment if the Government goes unchallenged by an informed public. This is in large part why I am asking questions and why I am presenting evidence to the New Zealand Police1, 2, 3. I hope others will do the same so that when they wish to be heard they still can be, otherwise the lights on freedom and the right to be heard may go out.

Recent Life insurance statistics show an unprecedented surge in the number of deaths amongst people aged 18-65 years. Had this been due solely to delays in medical treatment due to lockdowns as has been speculated by some within the insurance industry, it would have arisen during the period of most stringent lockdowns. It did not, it arose after mass roll out of Covid19 “vaccines”. The vaccine adverse reactions reporting system (VAERS) suggested this was not a coincidence because within 9 months of the roll out, deaths reported as being linked to vaccination were already more than the entire reported deaths for all other vaccine injections in recorded history. A Harvard University study indicated that VAERS only captures between 1 and 10% of actual adverse reactions, from which it can be extrapolated that current deaths linked to Covid19 “vaccination” in the United States of America are in the millions. This suggests that premature and unchecked mass roll out of Covid19 vaccines is likely set to become by far the worst travesty in medical history.

Given the VAERS and life insurance statistics, in a sane world, Covid19 vaccines would already have been withdrawn pending an investigation. However, new evidence is sometimes compelling, and therefore I have decided to join a group of medical doctors who are providing the New Zealand Police with evidence1, 2, 3 that may spark a long overdue rethink of ongoing mass roll out, in particular for children who as a group are statistically not at risk from “Covid19”. As part of this initiative, I have been looking into allegations from overseas and from New Zealand medical doctors that Comirnaty may contain undeclared and/or inadequately declared additives and/or proprietary excipients that have not been proven safe, e.g., polyethylene glycol (PEG) and graphene oxide (GO). I have examined multiple vials of Comirnaty and Afluria Quad flu shot using various light microscopy techniques.

The work is in its preliminary stages and necessarily has some rough edges given that all those taking part are giving their time and resources on a voluntary basis and given that the urgency of the circumstances (e.g., for children) necessitates an iterative approach akin to an ongoing workshop that we hope others will join. I have also examined light micrographs of blood taken by a medical doctor from patients complaining of adverse reactions after receiving Comirnaty.

Our working hypothesis is that Comirnaty and Afluria Quad flu shot (one of several other reference vaccines included in the study) contains liquid crystalline constituents exhibiting cholesteric ordering and which form highly complex two-dimensional (2D) soft solid structures at interfaces. This may be an incidental effect of minor significance, but others have tentatively linked these structures to potentially harmful nano technology. This type of nano technology is detailed within the peer reviewed literature and some patents claim that it can mediate physiological and other effects remotely (wirelessly), e.g., remote effects on the functionality of the gating mechanisms within the plasma membrane of cells and therefore our health status in response to multiple stimuli. Others have expressed concern that 5G and 6G electromagnetic wavelengths could mediate some of these effects. Some of the concerns arising from these technologies are largely putative and in some cases is likely overly speculative but other concerns appear to have at least some basis in fact. It is noteworthy that 5G is being rolled out in the absence of the types of safety scrutiny that have been applied to other predictably risky technologies.

    In addition, the Red blood cells (RBCs) of those thought to have been injured by Comirnaty were highly prone to accelerated disintegration in vitro (microscope slide), the putative mechanism of which was damage of the plasma membrane and its protective protein (actin) coat in vivo (in the body). It was further postulated that the putative breakdown of the plasma membrane and its actin coat into various liquid crystal colloidal structures may be linked to an in vivo poisoning effect, e.g., a knock-on effect of Comirnaty injection. RBC damage occurred for multiple patients of different ages and with a different pre-injection health status and did not occur in my own blood (unvaccinated). It was noteworthy that the doctors who first saw these affects, including a former haematologist, appeared to be at a loss to explain the condition of the blood and that others overseas have misdiagnosed this affect as being caused by parasites.  


Further investigation is needed before reaching any conclusions regarding the nature and possible functionality of the 2D structures produced by at least some Comirnaty and at least some Alfuria Quad flu shot materials. Similarly, it is highly recommended that a much larger number of blood samples from people who were variously unvaccinated and vaccinated (with and without adverse reactions) be examined within an independently vetted clinical investigation prior to drawing any conclusions. In vitro observations do not necessarily relate to in vivo effects although it is my opinion that the observations made here are important in at least some regards and are worthy of more detailed and fully independent investigation.

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Allegations of “the worst disease in 100 years” and slogans such as “safe and effective vaccine” were reason enough for many trusting Kiwis to take the Pfizer Biontech Covid19 “vaccine” called Comirnaty.

Further investigation is needed before reaching any conclusions...

Dr Robin Wakeling is a microbiologist and biodeterioration expert. Holding a PhD in fungal ecology from the University of Waikato, he was a research scientist at New Zealand Forest Research Institute for 25 years. Since 2005, he has operated a private consultancy with his wife, specialising in microbial building forensics.

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