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Only Non-Compliance Can End the “Covid-19” Coup

by Dr Robin Wakeling

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During a real pandemic people know it is real because most extended families and most small communities experience multiple deaths, although if it ever happens again most of the people who get sick will recover because most of us have a healthy adaptable immune system and because we now have much better medicine. It is unclear what killed people during the Spanish flu a hundred years ago1 but if they died from pneumonia and other dated complications these are highly treatable with modern medicine. Unnecessary fear, paranoia and cognitive dissonance has driven a false belief in a deliberately exaggerated Covid-19 danger based on misuse of the PCR test,2 misrepresentation of the causation of illness and death, and failure to treat sick people correctly. Hundreds of whistle blowers are now revealing the scale of unnecessary deaths in hospitals caused by lethal Covid-19 treatment protocols and the denial of effective care and treatment.3 A growing number of hundreds of millions of people world-wide are becoming aware of this irrefutable narrative and they are rejecting unnecessary and hugely damaging Covid-19 restrictions through non-compliance, having realised that waiting for lock-stepped globally controlled governments to do the right thing is futile and self-destructive.

We know from history that the sensible thing to do in the face of a new infectious disease is to isolate the sick (symptomatic), protect the vulnerable and provide early treatment whilst the healthy asymptomatic majority soldier on in the sure knowledge that within approximately 18 months it will be over, and we also know that the most common human response will be the unwitting development of lasting natural immunity. This is common sense and basic epidemiology and medicine 101 that is contained in thousands of peer reviewed science publications borne of unbendable laws of nature or God (essentially the same thing).

Those who comply with Covid-19 restrictions now live according to the most irrational and self-destructive set of Government orders ever issued in the history of humanity and the Covid-19 response bill (an amendment and prelude to the dismantling of the NZ Bill of Rights) seeks to enshrine this insanity into tyrannical totalitarian law. It would be law in name only because the real law, natural law cannot be broken and those that try, and those that follow false law are in great peril.

Locking down healthy asymptomatic people who mostly never get Covid-194 through misuse of the PCR test5 and recording those who die of everything from old age to sky diving accidents as dying of Covid-19 because they recently tested positive using this test6 has nothing to do with a real pandemic.7 It is an Alice in Wonderland dreamscape from which many will never wake. We’ve always known that lockdowns would make things worse because they increase the time that vulnerable people would be exposed to adverse conditions within the community and because it causes far more collateral damage than could ever be justified by any competent government or any critically thinking population.

In April 2020 it was “six weeks to flatten the curve”. Then it was “we’ll be back to normal after mass “vaccination”. Now we face endless “vaccine” boosters, endless lockdowns and vaccine passports just to do the basics, if we are lucky. In Israel, despite being one of the first countries to have the majority of its “population fully vaccinated”, it is said to have “the highest “COVID-19” incidence out of 68 countries8 and this is also happening in other countries where a majority are “vaccinated”. We now known that the Covid-19 vaccines do not work as promised and that they kill and maim far more people9 than we have been told by our Government,10 more people than from Covid-19 for most age groups and for most healthy people which begs the question why are those in Government who know about this published information continuing with the roll out?

Our freedoms, the economy, democratic society, and our health are being destroyed because of a seemingly endless failure to think critically for long enough to stop complying with Government policies which according to the Nuremburg Code are criminal and which are now unnecessarily killing and maiming children.

None of the allegations on which lockdowns were based have been proven beyond reasonable doubt. On the contrary, it was predictable from scientific first principles that they were baseless11 and sure enough most of them have since been comprehensively disproven by leading independent experts.12 Even on the WHO’s unsubstantiated claim that COVID-19 was a new disease, it was still said to have had a 99.98% survival rate for healthy under 70-year-olds.13 In other words, there is no basis for the unprecedented emergency use authorisation (EUA) of phase 3 trial gene-based “vaccines” that have skipped most of the normal full spectrum suite of safety and efficacy trials that typically take 10 or more years to complete,14 with a clinical trial completion date scheduled for 2 May 2023.15 It is unclear how many people within this clinical trial have had placebos or how doses of the Pfizer contents have varied amongst the New Zealand population but it is possible that this could account for the widely differing range of adverse reactions recorded. VigiAccess of the WHO’s Collaborating Centre for International Drug Monitoring16 gave a figure of two million, two hundred and one thousand, eight hundred and fifty-one (2,201,851) adverse drug reactions (ADRs) for the “Covid-19 vaccine”.

In 1976, 25 post vaccination linked deaths recorded by the US VAERS database was enough to shut down the swine flu vaccination roll out.17 Deaths linked to the COVID-19 “vaccines” world-wide according to VAERS and other similar voluntary European databases that are available to anyone who chooses to check, shows that the scale of death is more than one hundred times greater, more likely thousands of times greater.18 This situation is set to cause the most devastating medical catastrophe in human history. This should be more than enough to shut down the mass roll out immediately and for critically thinking people to demand an explanation, but instead the New Zealand Government is sending “vaccination” buses to our schools to give these dangerous injections to children who are close to zero risk from Covid-19.

A recent press release by New Zealand doctors tried to bring child deaths linked to the Pfizer injection program to the attention of authorities and the media.19 A functional democracy with an ethical media would be all over such information openly, either to disprove it or to share life-saving news and the fact that too few people hear about it speaks for itself: it is tantamount to a cover up that is killing people.

Government, it’s minions and the media have collectively failed to provide the circumstances for informed consent and some of them must be aware of this because there is now overwhelming evidence for incompetence, miscalculation, misinformation and an implied fraud of unprecedented global proportions. Despite an unprecedented number of very severe published adverse reactions20 including double the number of post “vaccination” linked deaths recorded on the US VAERS database alone, compared to all prior vaccination linked deaths combined, mass roll out of these experimental injections continues, on the back of Government propaganda and coercion and a largely complicit, sycophantic media misinformation campaign. This is a crime that will not go unpunished.

The solution lies in understanding the mindset that is causing people to comply with something that would ordinarily be easily recognisable as being hideously self-destructive, ethically detestable and criminal, e.g., giving children a medical intervention that they don’t need that has already killed far more people than all other vaccinations combined in the history of medicine.21

Professor Desmett, a renowned clinical psychologist of Gwent University22 explains how fear and anxiety brought on by certain societal traits, misinformation and the deprivations of isolationist mandates, e.g., lockdowns, social distancing, mask wearing, breakdowns of the family unit and local support networks, and other stress factors causes “mass formation”, a particularly virulent form of mass cognitive dissonance. The narrow, inward looking frightened mindset that arises pushes away new information because such information might reveal the appalling bad choices already made. Anything that appears to confirm existing false beliefs provides comfort to a mind gripped by mass formation but there is terrifying uncertainty in what we don’t know, and this causes us to freeze in a state of cognitive dissonance, or to lash out at those trying to share information that challenges our beliefs in the false official Covid-19 narrative. This puts us in state where we are horribly vulnerable to deception, dangerous coercion and manipulation, the kind that according to the historical record and the study of ponerology, almost always leads to totalitarianism if left unchecked. At the very least it is causing large numbers of people to take part in a clinical trial of an experimental and provably dangerous unnecessary medical intervention at the behest of a Government that has failed to provide the circumstances for informed consent which according to the Nuremburg Code is a crime against humanity.

It is no surprise that the mass formation mindset grabs at sugar coated “vaccine” solutions that appear to take away the bitter pill of fear and deprivation, oblivious to the inevitability of ever more boosters and ever more lockdowns which eventually will cause major personal harm. It is likely to be a psychological catch 22 problem that is unescapable for some people (Desmett says 30%), unless they receive a huge shock, a trauma greater than the cause of mass formation, e.g., the death of a child after “vaccination”. Others may have sufficient doubt to break free for long enough (Desmett says 40%) to realise that the solution lies in non-compliance although the historical record of how totalitarianism evolves suggests that people tend to comply on the basis that it mitigates personal risk and personal advantage such that they leave it too late to push back before they themselves fall victim. In other words, according to Desmett 70% of the population are likely to comply which is interesting because this is close to the number of people who appear willing to be coerced into taking a potentially dangerous injection that they don’t need whilst the remaining 30% refuse.

According to Desmett, it is vital that an active minority continue to provide a counter narrative to Government propaganda to ensure that the inevitable self-destruction of totalitarianism happens sooner rather than later. Currently, the number of people prepared to take an active role is less than Desmett’s 30% of people, i.e., those who understand the scam and the need for non-compliance. However, it is worth noting that just 3% of Americans upstaged the British and the 30% of Americans that supported King George’s imperialistic status quo of oppression and this led to the values and freedoms spelt out in the American Constitution. Whilst the US does not always live up to its own constitution, never more so than now, it is a constitution that remains a beacon of hope for all those who love freedom and who are prepared to take a peaceful but perpetual non-compliant stance towards escalating Government oppression and tyranny of which the COVID-19 Public Health Response Amendment Bill (No 2) is symptomatic.

In 1940 after the RAF were victorious in the Battle of Britain Churchill said, “never in the history of mankind have so many owed so much to so few”. Today it is a bit different: never have so many had so much opportunity to change so much by doing so little. A few of my friends and family think I am selfish and arrogant for never wearing a face mask when I fly, when I shop, when I walk and when I meet and greet at cafes, etc., because it makes some people uncomfortable. They have the right to such an opinion, but others have the right to an alternative opinion and they also have the right to act on it if it can be demonstrated that it reduces harm to society and our children as is clearly the case if we think critically and logically for long enough to trump blind compliance.

Compliance with masks, social distancing, track and tracing, lockdowns, etc., will inevitably increase compliance with coercive Government policy that is killing children with an unnecessary experimental medical intervention: one would be too many. If more people made this connection and acted on it, it is my opinion that we would be well on the way to ending the madness that is killing children and destroying liberal democracy.

I spent thousands of hours checking that I have common sense, real science, the best of the world’s independent experts and millions of awake people talking sense in my camp before I published my opinions in July,23 August24 and September 2021.25 It is a common misconception that those like me who are speaking the counter narrative hold a minority view. In fact, the number of outspoken experts supporting the counter-narrative is much greater. Our Government repeatedly trots out the same experts again and again26 and it is a very small group who repeatedly ignore a wealth of peer reviewed science and who refuse to debate it openly with those like me. Instead, they hide behind well-funded media campaigns like “fact checkers” and Stuff27 who might more correctly be termed confirmation bias advocates that use a patina of pseudoscience that would crack like an egg if it was tested with real science borne of open debate and real parliamentary scrutiny followed by real justice from a prejudice-free judiciary. If independent scientists and other experts like me28 are wrong29 about such important life and death issues, why not come out of closet to debate it openly?

I asked the highest levels of the Government30 to provide the science that supports their Covid-19 policies, many times and they failed to provide it and have failed to respond to ongoing valid questions about life and death issues.31 I also asked the opposition for comment and so far, they have ignored me despite my having provided a wealth of evidence that they could have used to challenge the Government: parliamentary debate and democracy appears to have departed our shores.

I respect the right of others to make up their own mind and to do their own thing, but Hipkins and his followers have made it clear that these rights will not extend to those who reject the scam. Those who have already joined the mask cult will likely accept fascist dictates such as vaccine passports and the endless boosters that we already know are killing an unprecedented number of people with no just cause.

The state of anxiety, fear and mass formation that now grips many people represents the greatest threat we have ever faced in this country and across the world. The Bill of Rights that protects our freedoms is being rewritten and dismantled32 by the likes of Hipkins and most people don’t even know that the deadline for public submissions to oppose this past on 11 October 2021. Why the rush and hush to change and/or invalidate one of the most important human rights legislatures in New Zealand? The first time that many people will know about it will likely be when their rights have gone, perhaps when they answer the tyrannical knock on the door that will surely come if they carry on complying.

The Prime Ministers’s recent Facebook invitation to debate vaccination hesitancy was met with a wall of entirely predictable reports of serious adverse reactions including multiple deaths and just as quickly Facebook removed most of them and this type of censorship has happened many times before33 and it is censorship that is leading to more deaths. Instead of stopping the mass roll out of an unnecessary medical intervention that has been pushed forward at break-neck speed without the necessary safety and efficacy checks the PM went back to peddling the policies that are ruining the lives of once free families and the primary industries on which we depend. These are the actions of a dictator and we should reject them completely whilst we still can, and this is why I don’t wear a face mask – it is my line in the sand to reject totalitarianism and to protest against unnecessary child deaths. Having asked my Government for an explanation that was not given, and knowing what I know about the PCR test fraud, etc., if I did nothing, I would be complicit.

The Government is no longer ours and our blind compliance with its destructive policies is responsible for a catastrophe in the making. The solution is a simple one: stop complying. In many countries the number of people now aware of the totalitarianism that lurks behind the scamdemic is rapidly rising but New Zealand lags dangerously behind as will our recovery if we don’t act soon enough. Demonstrations of hundreds of thousands, sometimes millions of people are happening all around us, all the time but much of our media fails to report it or seeks to misrepresent it.

The solution is a simple one: get your news from elsewhere,34 create a reality based on your own experience rather than toxic fear-based here say news stories and stop complying with dangerous Government mandates. Some people are doing their best to find a prejudice-free judiciary capable of delivering justice to those responsible for this appalling crime although justice will find its own way irrespective because natural law cannot be broken and totalitarianism always destroys itself (and those pushing it). It may be a long hard road for those sharing the counter narrative, but it will likely be much worse for those who continue to be scammed and the consequences for those who are complicit will be dire. It is important to be on the right side of history and justice at this momentous time.

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Dr Robin Wakeling is a microbiologist and biodeterioration expert. Holding a PhD in fungal ecology from the University of Waikato, he was a research scientist at New Zealand Forest Research Institute for 25 years. Since 2005, he has operated a private consultancy with his wife, specialising in microbial building forensics.

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