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Corruption Lawsuits Emerging for Escalating Covid-19 Crimes Against Humanity

by Dr Robin Wakeling

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Professor Peter McCullough, Dr Reiner Fuellmich, Dr David Martin, Dr Michael Yeadon, and thousands more of our finest experts are pursuing hundreds of lawsuits against the WHO, the CDC, the Davos Group of the World Economic Forum, government officials, and many others for corruption and escalating “Covid19” crimes against humanity.

These organisations and their Government and media minions appear to have forsaken us for profit, power and the fear driven compliance that follows in the wake of tyranny. Their insane meddling and their utopian dream of complete control of our bodies and our every move under the cover of Covid19 may soon become our dystopian nightmare unless enough of us call it out in time.

The media that should be covering this epic fight for justice and freedom are instead talking up the usual distractions. The Tokyo Olympics has now lost even the pretence of having anything to do with the Athenian birth of democracy having been reduced to a spectacle of our elite athletes engaging in ridiculous mask wearing rituals designed to further distance us from the common sense and critical thought that might otherwise end the Covid19 debacle.

When the US president and the CDC tell an obvious lie that “Look, the only pandemic is among the unvaccinated” it should already be obvious that reality has been turned on its head and that the free world is in deep trouble. Similarly, the French President’s mandatory “vaccines” and “vaccine” passports have effectively abolished the right to earn a living and buy food, etc., unless we bow to the yoke of tyranny that most of us are too befuddled to call out. As for the UK PM, Boris is Boris, a fine intellectual reduced to a minion of tyranny. Everywhere, the former bastions of freedom and democracy are being usurped and many people still cling to an irrational notion that this is due to a new illness less dangerous than the flu for most of us most of the time.

Common sense, critical thought and real science have retreated to the Alamo to make a last stand for our freedom and if enough people get there in time, we face Nuremburg II such is the reach and gravity of the crime.

Unless we reject vaccine passports and other forms of “vaccine” coercion we face an abys of control and totalitarianism that will crush liberal democracy for the foreseeable future. A perfect storm of misused PCR-testing, Government propaganda, media misinformation and our own compliant spectatorship borne of fear and suspended disbelief are what brought us to this point. Too Few of us drew lines in the sands of freedom and justice having already failed to speak out against the injection of children with Pfizer’s experimental mRNA, a truly horrific act that will unnecessarily kill some of them. One would be too many, but it will be many more, if we allow it to happen on our watch. We are in large part responsible and only we can fix it.

How much worse does it need to get before compliant spectatorship of such obvious insanity is rejected and those pushing it are brought to justice? Those in the know who have rejected such tyranny, having talked about it openly, and having made symbolic and uncomfortable (but essential) gestures of non-compliance have been forced to retreat into their Alamos of truth and freedom.

Having studied microbial ecology in great depth for over 30 years I know that the life cycle of naturally occurring microbial phenomena, including pandemics like the Spanish flu/pneumonia always follow predictable ecological patterns that are defined by natural laws. There are no exceptions outside of the media inspired make believe world now inhabited by billions. The Covid19 story and the new normal now has a theological status and many of us will never escape its irrational belief system.

Almost nothing we have been told about Covid19 adheres to these laws of nature. Consequently, by early 2020 I knew without a shadow of a doubt that the Covid19 story was not a naturally occurring microbial phenomenon but was in fact a manmade nightmare, something far worse than any new virus could ever be.

Natural selection favours virus’s that can exploit the host whilst causing the least harm, because a virus that kills the host (us) kills itself: undergraduate microbiology 101. The inevitable diminishing potency of a virus coupled with our highly sophisticated and incredibly effective adaptive immune response guarantees that the effects of even the most virulent virus would become less dangerous with time, and this would also apply to a hypothetical gain of function manmade variant. For any given population, these effects are measured in months, not years and they are almost entirely predictable.

The latest propaganda that SARS II variants justify new lockdowns and new experimental “vaccine” boosters is pure fantasy that has no basis in science whatsoever. It is in fact thinly disguised fascism, not a viral pandemic. One of the likely reasons that very few healthy people under the age of 70 died or got seriously ill from Covid19 is in part because we have T cell immunity from the 2003 SARS I virus that had an 80% genetic match to the SARS II virus. 2021 variants have a 99% match which equates to zero risk for an effective immune system of a healthy person. We are being lied to, again and it is essential that enough of us call out the lie through debate and peaceful non-compliance.

Instead of giving us this vital information our Government continues to misuse the PCR test thereby exaggerating the dangers and continues to fudge the death statistics by reporting those who died with positive PCR test results (usually false positives) as actual deaths from Covid19 which is largely fantasy. Old age, car accidents, flu, heart attacks, diabetes, cancer, adverse “vaccine” reactions, etc., are all being reported as Covid19 because of misuse of the PCR test and other travesty.

Having studied microbial ecology for over 30 years, it was clear to me in early 2020 that we were witnessing a man-made event and today millions of others also understand this irrefutable fact (opinion has nothing to do with it). Only those who haven’t been paying attention could have failed to notice that instead of diminishing, the Covid19 “event” keeps escalating in a completely unnatural way that can only be man-made. Unless the compliant spectators of this man-made travesty return to pre-2020 common sense and critical thought we will only have ourselves to blame when we feel the full effects of the Covid19 debacle, effects that New Zealanders are so far largely oblivious of and which are now approaching an irrecoverable tipping point elsewhere: our freedom hangs in the balance.

These coming effects include unprecedented loss of freedom, poverty and escalating adverse “vaccine” reactions that are already the worst is recorded history by far and which may be a mere hint of what is likely to come. The loss of freedom and poverty are totally avoidable if we act now, and the adverse health reactions can be greatly mitigated but only if we act now, before the end of 2021. If we allow vaccine passports and/or institutional coercion to remove freedom of choice (to leave the house, travel, work, play, buy food, get an education, etc.), then we will have gone over the edge into an abyss of tyrannical totalitarianism with little chance to return.

How do we make the vital and rapid transition from compliant spectators of an unfolding human tragedy to non-compliant thinkers, people willing to ask their Government for the non-existent proof that their Covid19 policy is valid? The answer is in the question. Stop trusting the news, start thinking and then ask for proof and when it is denied stop complying. It is that simple, albeit a difficult choice to make in an environment of coercive fear.

Perhaps the biggest hurdle to this vital step for freedom is suspension of disbelief. A refusal to believe that our Government would condone and support such an appalling Global crime whilst an ineffectual opposition party bleats in the background.

A quick trip down the memory lane of recent historical totalitarianism should dispel any illusion we might harbour that the victims of its despotism and calamity get to see it coming because their Government had their back. History is riddled with examples of Governments making appalling mistakes, deliberately misleading people and causing their deaths in very large numbers. Our amnesia could be freedoms downfall, possibly for ever this time around given the advent of frightening advances in technology and moves towards transhumanism, etc.

One of the most alarming trends is the lack of outrage amongst intellectuals who momentarily look beyond the propaganda and misleading news but then fall victim to so called “fact checking” propaganda, other distractions, and a concomitant return to suspended disbelief. Instead of engaging with the underlying cause of what is clearly a man-made catastrophe in the making, we engage in an endless and completely superfluous and self-destructive discussion of its details such as how to respond to phantom Covid19 cases invented by misuse of the PCR test. It is akin to discussing the eating habits of mythical creatures like the Loch Ness monster or Godzilla.

Given the biblical scale of the Covid19 debacle it is fitting to quote Hosea 4:1 “for want of knowledge my people were destroyed” and John 8:31-38 “the truth will set us free”. There are signs that the spell of Covid19 fear and oppression borne of Government propaganda has lost momentum in a few strong holds of reason and normality although you would be forgiven for missing this given the state of much of the news most of which is gibberish and distraction guaranteed to adle the mind.

A David and Goliath struggle is playing out in Europe and the USA, the outcome of which will likely determine if the free world has a future. Thousands of the most eminent doctors, scientists, lawyers and philanthropists are working hard to protect our freedoms by meeting this tyranny head on in the courts and by increasing public awareness both of which are critical to freedoms survival.

We most likely need a special court to meet this tyranny, a Nuremburg II and we need millions more to help ensure the success of these champions of truth and freedom. Never in the history of humanity have so many been given so much opportunity to make such a big difference to our future but despite this freedom hangs in the balance at the whim of the insane ambitions of a handful of tyrants and their fear driven minions and compliant spectators whilst a minority work to turn the tide.

News that fails to reference peer reviewed source documents in a coherent and logical way without clear statements concerning the limitations of the information presented should not be trusted. The Last American Vagabond5 is one of many daily news programs based on the reality of source documents rather than the fantasy of the official Covid19 news stories which is clearly disconnected from the data contained in the readily available source documents that too few of us bother to check.

Only those people who already have the well sown seeds of doubt about the official Covid19 story will look long enough to find the truth of the source, but this would be enough if all of us who harbour such doubt do the obvious thing: stop our compliant spectatorship, ask for proof and then get on with being free (non-compliant).


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Dr Robin Wakeling is a microbiologist and biodeterioration expert. Holding a PhD in fungal ecology from the University of Waikato, he was a research scientist at New Zealand Forest Research Institute for 25 years. Since 2005, he has operated a private consultancy with his wife, specialising in microbial building forensics.

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