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Mykeljon Winckel is the managing director and editor of elocal Magazine.

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by Mykeljon Winckel

Ever since its inception the internet has been awash with a whole new array of descriptive terminologies and over time conceivably an entire new language has been created that includes things like MEME, LOL, IMHO, BTW. There is even a handy dandy little …

The Squeaky Wheel

by Mykeljon Winckel

Can you believe it’s August already? Only four month’s and we are back into the silly season again. At the time of writing there is so much interesting material that mainstream press is not covering but commenting on, opinions on opinions, but where are…

All You Need Is Love

Editors Note

by Mykeljon Winckel

Elocal Editors Note Just as the Beatles penned a major smash hit in 1967 it resonated around the world as continues to be the mantra of nations and in particular our wonderful nation under the prime ministerial leadership of the honourable P.M. Ardern. …

The only 100% locally owned and produced free to home publication in Franklin

by Mykeljon Winckel

elocal, is 100% locally owned, unlike other publications in the area. The whole team, including owner Mykeljon live locally and buy locally, we like to support local businesses, because you support us. Every month, the team at elocal work tirelessly to…

Auckland Council Closing Mt Wellington Bucket and Kart Track

Ratepayers disenfranchised over sporting venue closure

by Mykeljon Winckel

Regrettably Auckland Council is closing the Mt Wellington bucket and Kart track in order to seek a commercial tenant who will pay a higher rent for the land the track is on. A key factor in keeping the costs down for participants has been the concessiona…