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Merry Christmas from elocal!

by Mykeljon Winckel

Even though the pace of time is exactly the same every year, it certainly feels at times like it is speeding by far quicker than in previous years.

I do wonder if this is because of the sheer amount we try to pack in to our daily lives and the way we rank our priorities or something to do with our perceptions as we age.

As this year hurtles to a close, it seems to have been one of immense turmoil for many both locally, nationally and internationally with The Economist making the observation: “Probably not since the wave of “people power” movements swept Asian and east European countries in the late 1980s and early 1990s has the world experienced such a simultaneous outpouring of popular anger on the streets.”1

The Hong Kong Protests continue in earnest, Climate change has seen hundreds, including a large contingent of our own young people, take to the streets to push their point. Protests in Columbia against their government and possible austerity measures have seen deaths as hundreds of thousands of people have mobilised and clashed with police.

Traditionally, Christmas has always been a time of celebration, whether you believe in its Christian origins, or just like it because it signals time off from work and lots of eating! This year, I feel with all the turmoil it makes it even more important for us to come together and celebrate with our families and friends, take stock, and be thankful for them and the things that we do have. Sometimes that may not be as much as in previous years, the challenges of day to life can for some be truly crushing for some. Health crisis, employment, challenges of parenthood, all can at times threaten to destabilise the basic human desire to live life and not merely exist in it. By connecting with each other, though, we can often lessen the burden for others and have the chance to reach out and help and this time of the year is as good as any!

At elocal this year we have covered such an exciting array of stories and I’ve met some pretty incredible people who have trusted us to share their stories with you. Sharing our stories, whether it be in this forum, or round a table at Christmas, catching up on the events of the past year, is one of the special things that makes our species unique. And, its because of you, our readers and advertisers that the team at elocal remains committed each month to bringing you the same quality publication that you have come to love.

So, thank you to all of you, thank you to my team, the most amazing bunch of people that they are and please enjoy a very Merry Christmas!

  1. https://www.economist.com/international/2019/11/04/why-are-so-many-countries-witnessing-mass-protests 

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elocal Digital Edition – December 2019 (#225)

elocal Digital Edition
December 2019 (#225)

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