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Do New Zealanders Really Want Political Structures Based On Race?

by Dr Don Brash

Late last year, five district councils – Western Bay of Plenty, Whakatane, Palmerston North, Manawatu and Kaikoura – voted to establish one or more Maori wards in their districts. The intention was that those on the Maori roll for Parliamentary election…

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An Opinion by Franklin Christian Lobby

by Noel Surrey

Last year as the election approached it was important to reflect on the truth that we couldn’t have it both ways. As voters we couldn’t cherry pick policies from each of the parties represented in the ballot. We had to make choices and live with those …

Housing Crisis at Boiling Point

A Response

by Bill Cashmore

The housing crisis is very real and has been building up for 20 years or more. High population growth in recent years has exasperated the situation. This is not an apologist reply but a series of facts and context to give elocal readership relevant infor…