Are we heading to an unprecedented era of health gains or a modern medical dystopia?

by Guy Hatchard

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When a serious crime has been committed, the police generally lose no time in their efforts to locate the culprit and bring them to account. In this article we consider our long term prospects and what we need to do to improve them.

What happened this morning?

When you back a sure fire horse with your whole pay packet and it loses, what do you say to your partner and family when you arrive home on Friday afternoon empty handed?

Dr. Rochelle Walensky, director of the US Centre for Disease Control, regretted that no one warned her that Covid-19 vaccines waned in effectiveness and wouldn’t be effective against future variants. Surprising really, Dr Walensky presumably has a highly qualified staff. A short Google search of scholarly papers would have alerted them to this highly likely outcome.

Yesterday newspapers around the world reported the death of a man who had been given a heart transplanted from a genetically engineered pig. This occurred two months after the transplant. He was more lucky than the recent recipients of genetically altered pig kidneys which worked for up to three days. NIH journal Medline tried to reassure us concerning biotechnology:

“Medical researchers, institutions, and regulatory agencies are working to ensure that gene therapy research, clinical trials, and approved treatments are as safe as possible.”

But the Wall Street Journal recently thundered a note of warning saying: “Safety scares, including deaths of several young study subjects, have set back efforts to bring more gene therapies to market, clouding one of biotech’s most promising technologies and hottest sectors.”

In more news: •Moderna’s shares have fallen by 70% since their highs last year, following action in Scandinavian countries to limit the use of their Covid-19 mRNA vaccine following safety concerns and worries about future lawsuits, but a bulletin from Moderna today reported that, following the huge success of their mRNA Covid-19 vaccine, a human trial had began of their mRNA vaccine for HIV.

•Here at home, Radio NZ complained that Mayor Sandra Goudie of Thames-Coromandel was still refusing to be vaccinated “despite widespread evidence…Covid vaccines are safe, and the fact Covid-19 vaccines are the most well-studied vaccines ever made.” They certainly are the most studied vaccines ever, but has no one told RNZ of one important conclusion of the studies—mRNA Covid vaccines are the most dangerous vaccines ever produced by a factor of 30x at least. A document containing an extensive list of adverse effects released by Pfizer under court order last week certainly underlined this. Sandra Goudie, unlike RNZ, has kept up to date.

•The UK Transport Minister the Rt Hon Grant Shapps MP joined thousands of other ill-informed politicians across the world and replied to a correspondent “Currently, the evidence shows that a full course of vaccination offers individuals the most effective level of health protection against the virus.” UKHSA, the official body for Covid stats, would have to disagree. Their recent data shows that the vaccinated are now more likely to contract Covid than the unvaccinated.

•On the drug frontline, Pharmac chief medical officer Dr David Hughes announced that Ronapreve, the first Covid-19 engineered monoclonal antibody drug to be approved by Medsafe and bought in quantity by NZ, does not actually work against Omicron. Did Medsafe know that such drugs are designed to be variant specific and therefore have limited applicability to coronaviruses?

And today we heard that the most draconian Covid mandate policies in the EU enforced by Austria, which included massive fines for the unvaccinated, have been rescinded. Minister Karoline Edtstadler said the law's 'encroachment of fundamental rights' could no longer be justified by the mild danger posed by the pandemic (if it ever was).

Who is to blame?

No doubt at some point NZ will join almost all other nations who have recognised that Omicron is a relatively mild illness and consequently stopped enforcing mandates. Yet this will not be ‘job done’. The deaths associated with Covid-19 are due to three causes:

•A disease that was likely engineered in a lab by gain of function experimentation.

•A genetically engineered mRNA vaccine whose adverse effect rates have dwarfed that of any previous vaccine.

•Government complicity in moves to reject preventive and early treatment approaches, instead enforcing vaccination as a standalone strategy.

Vaccination has serious adverse effects and Covid-19 variants have posed serious short and long term challenges to health. When evidence mounts up against a serial killer, they are taken into custody to protect the population. Who is possibly a serial killer here? A reckless community of biotechnology innovators intent on altering the fundamental structure of life itself. Not in one country either. Scientists in the USA, UK, France, and China funded by their governments set about creating new diseases designed to infect humans at the Wuhan Lab, and continue to do so at labs around the world. Now these same scientists wish us to believe that they should be put in charge of our health.

In which direction are we headed and are we there yet?

During the last ten years, modern medicine has been in crisis. Medical misadventure—disease caused by medicine itself—has become the third leading cause of death in the USA. 50% of the population have one or more chronic illnesses—diseases with no known pharmaceutical cure for which only palliative care is available. By 2012, life expectancy had plateaued and then began to reverse. People are living shorter lives. Yet the United States spends more on medical care per capita than any other country in the world. American doctors earn more than twice that paid to doctors in the most affluent nations including ours.

It is no surprise that doctors are highly paid, personal health is highly prized, but medical doctors get paid whether their clients get better or not. They are largely protected from liability if any of the products they prescribe cause harm. Does the medical profession operate rather like a secretive medieval trade guild, whereby they are the only ones allowed to advise about health? In other words—a virtual monopoly. Not entirely. Fifty percent of the population buy natural health products to help manage their own personal health, but when it comes to government and insurance funding, modern medicine has a virtual strangle hold. Something that the medical profession treasures and protects very carefully. The majority of these same doctors are the leading lights in the promotion of mRNA technology and they are being paid very well by governments to do so.

Watch out for more restrictions ahead

Moreover there are moves afoot to extend this further by regulating the use of natural health products. Andrew Little, NZ Minister of Health plans to effect this by reviving the Natural Health Products Bill that was abandoned in 2017 after public opposition. It is surprising how many ordinary foods and supplements that pharmaceutical companies and medical regulators would like to restrict. See my original video which explained it:

Self-regulated healthcare

Let’s talk about health. The truth is that 95% of our health is supported by our diet, behaviour and state of mind. No one needs a doctor to confirm this, it’s obvious, but nevertheless there are multiple studies confirming that diet, nutrition, exercise, rest, and happiness are the basis of health. Unsurprisingly simple dietary advice can often do more for health than a course of prescription pills. For example, did you know that ice cold drinks impair digestive capacity? Try sipping hot water at intervals throughout the day, rather than exclusively hydrating with fizzy drinks, alcohol, tea, or coffee. This can lift your health dramatically, but it is unlikely that your GP will advise this, because, despite years of training, they know little about the fundamentals of nutrition. I am not writing here to advise you on your health, but I am suggesting that for many chronic conditions that prescription drugs cannot cure, there are well known natural adjustments to diet, exercise, and behaviour that can help resolve them.

Increasingly if your GP fails to advise you to take pharmaceutical drugs, and instead suggests alternatives, he is at risk of being censored by his profession. As the crisis in modern medicine has unfolded, and then been exacerbated by the pandemic, responsible and thinking GPs are being forced out of the profession because they are using their time to research and prescribe more effective, safe alternatives to pharmaceutical regimes which cause side effects. This is the work of a proto monopoly, moreover a monopoly that is becoming less and less effective. A monopoly that is increasingly being controlled by the PR specialists employed by multinational pharmaceutical giants. Yet research points to the need for more not less of this. More self-regulated health care.

Conclusion No response to the pandemic will be complete until :

•Risky biotechnology research is paused while safety regulatory standards are enhanced and made mandatory

•National medical funding programmes begin to sponsor natural preventive and treatment strategies that are proven safe and useful by research and traditional use

•Constitutional change is enacted that will more deeply cement the human right to freely choose medical options

Globalisation has enabled huge financial players to launch novel and risky biotechnology and ideas. A man-made disaster has been presented by mainstream media and government sponsored advertising as a naturally occurring pandemic without conclusive proof, in defiance of published evidence to the contrary. Novel gene therapy has been called a ‘vaccine’ in order to smooth its unthinking acceptance. This originated in a supranational global space—a sort of unregulated wild west. The political leaders and leading thinkers of every nation need to be alert, precautionary, and protective rather than unthinking first adopters, just as Texas sheriffs had to enforce the law when cattle rustlers rode into town.

The Guardian newspaper reported UK data yesterday confirming what many know already—the effectiveness of boosters wanes rapidly. It may leave people more vulnerable to illness than before. Are our government ministers up to date or are they continuing on blind faith into uncharted territory? We are at a critical point in medical history. Right decisions made now, based on objectively considered evidence, can ensure the health of nations. Decisions based on imaginings, following the advice of those seeking professional kudos or short term profit above all else, will lead to a modern medical dystopia.

Guy Hatchard PhD was formerly a senior manager at Genetic ID a global food safety testing and certification company (now known as FoodChain ID)


Dr Guy Hatchard is a statistician and former senior manager at Genetic ID, a global food safety testing and certification laboratory. Guy's book 'Your DNA Diet' is available on

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