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What Does the Christchurch Mosque Massacre Mean for Freedom of Speech in New Zealand?

by Dr Don Brash

Last year, there was a lively debate in New Zealand about what should, and on the other hand what should not, be banned. Last year, there was a lively debate in New Zealand about what should, and on the other hand what should not, be banned. This wa…

Crown Excludes New Zealanders From the Treaty of Waitangi Conversation

1985 Judge Cooke's legal opinion has lead the way to division, judicial activism and manipulation

by Chris Newman

In the 1980’s Parliamentarians began an unsuccessful search for the elusive “principles” to interpret the words of the Treaty of Waitangi. In 1985 the Court of Appeals Judge Robin Cooke, with the Treaty in one hand and his law manual in the other, declar…

Guilty or Not Guilty? (Part IV)

The Bain Homicide Case

by Kevin Sturgeon

The 2009 Trial If you now consider that proof has been produced to make David the murderer, where does that leave the many specialist and expert witnesses who gave evidence for the defence? Where does that leave the claims by the defence council, Micha…

Opening Another Can of Worms

Capital Gains Tax

by Dr Don Brash

I have no difficulty understanding why many people are strongly in favour of a capital gains tax. They see a minority of New Zealanders enjoying the very good life, living in a luxurious home, going on international trips every year, driving a late model…

We are Together

by Judith Collins

It is very hard to find words even now to express the shock, disbelief and upset that all New Zealanders, including my colleagues in Parliament and myself, experienced, as we heard the details of the terrible terrorist attacks on the Al Noor Mosque on De…

Guilty or Not Guilty? (Part III)

The Bain Homicide Case

by Kevin Sturgeon

On June 20, 1994, five members of the Bain family were shot in the head using David Bain’s .22 rifle. The defence argued that the father, Robin Bain, had shot his wife, two daughters and his youngest son Stephen, then committed suicide with the same rifl…

5G (Part II)

“The Stupidest Idea in the History of the World”

by Katherine Smith

“Putting in tens of millions of 5G antennae without a single biological test of safety has got to be about the stupidest idea anyone has had in the history of the world.” [1] – Professor Emeritus Dr. Martin L. Pall, PhD. An introductory article about 5G …

5G (Part I)

The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread... Or More Cancer for Everyone?

by Katherine Smith

For the last few months, controversy has swirled regarding the proposed 5G system for New Zealand after the Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB) warned that using Huawei equipment posed a security risk. However, national mainstream media has…

The Situation Could Hardly Be More Serious

by Dr Don Brash

A few months ago, I wrote a column highlighting some of the serious things which are going on under our collective noses to provide, or in some cases, continue to provide special privileges to those New Zealanders who chance to have at least one Maori an…

Guilty or Not Guilty? (Part II)

The Bain Homicide Case

by Kevin Sturgeon

Last month, I mentioned, there is a multitude of issues in this case. Not least the legitimate tactics employed on both sides to present their side of the argument. The trial lasted 3 months and 183 witnesses were called. Four million dollars were spent …

Guilty or Not Guilty? (Part I)

The Bain Homicide Case

by Kevin Sturgeon

The public might assume that justice equals the truth, with regards to any Court Case brought before the New Zealand court, however in our adversarial system they may not be the same thing at all. New Zealand’s justice system is part of our system of go…

Climate Change

Are we just getting the safest advice instead of a fuller picture?

by Bob Sinclair

As someone who has been forced to deal with a couple of serious medical conditions in the past, I am accustomed to “worst scenario” theories offered by professionals. And also, quite thankful for them. I would much rather hear the worst and hope for the …

The Banks Are Ripping Us Off! (Part II)

by Dr Don Brash

Last month, I wrote about some common misconceptions about the profitability of the banks operating in New Zealand, and noted that the Big Four Aussie banks, while quite profitable compared with banks elsewhere in the world, are not wildly profitable in …

The Banks Are Ripping Us Off! (Part I)

by Dr Don Brash

Every now and then, there’s a surge of concern, sometimes even anger, at the banks. They make too much money. Their profits go overseas. They no longer provide services in country towns. Their culture needs watching carefully by the regulators, lest …

A Slap in the Face for Democracy

Can You and I Trust the Government to do the Right Thing, Most of the Time? I Wonder.

by James Heard

A shortfall of 900 teachers today: 2,000 plus students without permanent teachers. By 2020 a shortage of 2,500 teachers. Costs driving teachers out of Auckland. Leaky homes! Housing shortages. House prices! The cost of energy: electricity and petroleum. …

Enough is Enough!

by Dr Don Brash

Six months ago, I wrote a column about the five local referenda which defeated the attempt of five district councils to foist separate Maori wards on their districts. And about the open letter which Local Government New Zealand had written to the Govern…

Why Do So Many Of Us Feel We Can't Get Ahead?

by Dr Don Brash

In recent months, we have seen a rash of strikes – teachers and nurses in particular, with other sectors suggesting that they may strike also unless the people who work in those sectors get a substantial wage or salary increase. Of course, people say, t…

Free Speech Again

by Dr Don Brash

A couple of months back, I wrote a column about Phil Goff’s purported refusal to allow two Canadians to speak at an Auckland Council-owned venue (I say “purported” because, when challenged, Council lawyers eventually admitted that actually he had no powe…

“Dear Cicero…”

Help Olivia Pierson to Create the Dear Cicero Debate Forum

by Olivia Pierson

We live in an era of immense technological advancement. Our daily lives are directed by smartphones, GPS, air-travel, the internet and every other modern convenience known to humans. Some of us even wait with anticipation for our greatest engineers to se…

Was Zero Out Of Ten Too Harsh?

by Dr Don Brash

A few weeks ago on a breakfast TV programme, I was provoked into quoting a recent assessment of the Key/English Government by Kerry McDonald, a former director of the New Zealand Institute of Economic Research, and chief executive or chairman of a number…