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Issue #233

August 2020



Taking the Lead!

It's Election Time!

It’s More about the People than the Politics

“Thanks Jennian! We love our Dream Retirement Home”

So Much More to See!

Let’s Keep Papakura Moving!

Working Together to Give You the Best

The National Library is Diminishing Our Intellectual Heritage

Trailers to Suit Every Load Can Be Found at Trailer World

Now is the Time to Sell!

Luxury Lifestyle, Country Living

1270A Churchill Road, Pukekawa

Politics is an Unpredictable Game

Your Local Independent Candidate

August in Papakura

Anything is Possible!

Yashili is a Driving Force in our Community

Could a Second Wave of COVID-19 be Managed Without Going Back into Lockdown?

Do You Hear that Nagging Voice too?

Oscar Wilde

Literary Greats (Part XII)

Post-COVID and the Market is Still Running Hot

Do You Suffer from Severe Hip & Leg Pain?

It Could be Sciatica!

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