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The Hon. Judith Collins is a lawyer and National Party politician, currently serving as the Member of Parliament for the Papakura electorate.

A Thought About Climate Change

by Judith Collins

Politicians around the world have been calling for faster and faster action to reduce emissions. Our own Prime Minister has joined the political hype-train by announcing climate change is "my"/her generation’s nuclear free moment (who made everyone under…

Government Policies are Slowing our Economy Down

NZ Business Confidence at -38%

by Judith Collins

Fewer jobs and opportunities are on the horizon, and Kiwis will be hit harder as the slowdown in the economy faces New Zealand. Elocal May 2019 Government Policies are slowing our economy down The New Zealand Parliament has led New Zealand in grieving…

We are Together

by Judith Collins

It is very hard to find words even now to express the shock, disbelief and upset that all New Zealanders, including my colleagues in Parliament and myself, experienced, as we heard the details of the terrible terrorist attacks on the Al Noor Mosque on De…