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August 2021

Authorised by Hon Judith Collins, 98 Great South Rd, Papakura

by Judith Collins

I hope you are safe and well at home as we continue this Level 4 lockdown.

I can imagine that some of you may be feeling anxious, fed up, even angry! This virus is virulent, unpredictable and brings challenges that affect us all.

It’s clear that decisive action is needed to prevent further community spread of Delta and it is better to contain it with a level 4 lockdown than play around with half-measures that ultimately don’t work.

In accordance with Level 4 regulations, my electorate office is closed. I will, however, be available via email at and I encourage you to find me on Facebook where I will be posting updates.

This lockdown highlights how important it is that we get as many Kiwis vaccinated as possible. We will be urging the Government to promote everyone getting their vaccinations ASAP. I have had mine and I encourage you to do the same.

National Party Conference August 2021

Recently National held a very positive and cohesive conference in Auckland south. It was very well attended and supported and those who were there were hugely enthusiastic. My National MP’s and I were heartened and felt our efforts were validated.

Every week I hear from thousands of Kiwis who are ambitious – ambitious for their families, their jobs and for their country. They want a health system that treats them effectively when they need it, an education system that delivers learning opportunities to their kids, and affordable homes they can call their own.

They want to pay their bills and provide for themselves – they want to make decisions for themselves – they want their mums and dads and kids to be safe. That’s the country I want for New Zealand and the ambition I have for New Zealanders.

You see, Labour is a party that is failing to deliver in almost every area that matters to New Zealand and New Zealanders. They’re rushing through changes and making announcements they didn’t campaign on and New Zealanders are not having a chance to have their say.

Labour is spin over reality – a hard-working family can’t live in one of the KiwiBuild houses they have announced but will never build.

Kiwibuild has failed and house prices have risen $290,000 in just four years and they are still going up despite ‘measures’ announced in the budget this year to calm the market. Our children will need to save longer and harder than ever to buy their first home.

Under this Labour government agencies like Kainga Ora /Housing NZ are competing against first home buyers to buy lower priced homes because the agencies need to meet their social housing promises.

Jacinda Ardern promised to lift 100,000 children out of poverty by 2020. Child Poverty is now worse. She has failed to deliver – today there are 1500 more children in poverty than when she became prime minister.

Labour promised Light Rail down Dominion Road within four years. Four years later, they are still consulting. $35 million has been spent on consultants, yet nothing has been achieved.

There has been lots of debate on the $785 million cycle bridge over the Waitemata Harbour and the tax on Utes but nothing from the government answering the debate.

Labour is failing to deliver on their transport promises to Aucklanders.

What about the oil and gas exploration ban? This was announced without campaigning or consulting the people that matter most – New Zealanders. Instead, Labour announced the ban as a signal for its widely touted action on climate change.

The consequence is we will import two million tonnes of coal from Indonesia this year to generate electricity in the Huntly coal-fired power station – while most other countries use natural gas to transition towards a greener economy.

Do you recall the debate during the election campaign about an $800 million increase in tax on landlords by removing the ability to deduct interest expenses? No? That’s because it didn’t happen. A National-led government will reverse that.

The National Opposition had to start the debate on the implications of Labour’s hate speech legislation, and a document called He Puapua. This document includes recommendations for Māori wards in local government, a separate Māori health authority, Three Waters co-ownership and separate justice systems. The first two have already been adopted by Labour.

Labour received the He Puapua document long before the election and didn’t tell you about it. They are currently consulting with a small group of New Zealanders on the fundamental changes to New Zealand life that its implementation will bring.

The Demand the Debate campaign is working – Kiwis are demanding a say. Our billboards have been seen almost 4.5 million times.

Our Facebook posts have been seen by almost 1 million New Zealanders.

Our internet ads on media websites and google have had almost 2.7 million views.

At the start of the year, in my State of the Nation speech I outlined my priorities for how the National Opposition would hold the Government to account. I said that National would focus on positively scrutinising the Covid-19 response. Our economic recovery. Hardship and public safety. Housing and infrastructure. And promoting opportunities for New Zealand in the technology sector.

Labour cannot use their majority to do whatever they want. New Zealanders deserve a say in the future of their country. And we have started the debate.

We are focused on the issues that matter to Kiwis. And we will show that National MP’s can get things done. And that the National Opposition has the solutions for New Zealand’s big issues.

Best wishes to all,

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