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It's Election Time!

by Sally Sumner

And what an exciting one it is shaping up to be! The decisions made on September 19th have the potential to have long lasting effects for years to come and perhaps more than ever it is imperative that we all exercise our right to have a say in those decisions and vote. We are lucky in our area to feature some very dedicated candidates and all of them have philosophies and intentions based around our area’s specific needs. This month and next we will feature some of them, discuss the major issues and put out a guide to our complex voting system, MMP and I would encourage everyone to read in depth about our local candidates, what they stand for and make your vote count.

As an independent publisher, elocal remains unbiased and is keen to give all our candidates from across the political spectrum a platform to share their views and welcome them to be in touch as the candidates in this edition have been. So, if your favourite is not here this month, make sure they contact us in time for September’s edition.

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elocal Digital Edition – August 2020 (#233)

elocal Digital Edition
August 2020 (#233)

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