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by Sally Sumner

It is refreshing to see life returning to somewhat of a new normal after the lockdown for most of us. Children are back at school, some after school activities have resumed, businesses are open and you can get your fix of whatever takes your fancy at your local eatery whilst reading your monthly elocal magazine.

The lockdown left many a person wondering where their latest edition was, and we fielded lots of enquiries when the expected delivery date had passed.

Many people were unaware that you can actually subscribe to elocal wherever you live and don’t have to rely on the neighbour’s hand me down copy if you have haven’t received your own yet.

Its easy to do and I would encourage everyone to do that, simply follow the link: https://store.elocal.co.nz/products/elocal-magazine-print-subscription-12-months

Enter your details and your very own copy of elocal will be delivered to your mail box every month. It can also make a great gift for a friend outside of our distribution area.

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elocal Digital Edition – June 2020 (#231)

elocal Digital Edition
June 2020 (#231)

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