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Merry Christmas Everyone!

by Sally Sumner

What a year, it’s certainly been a ride! I am sure everyone is looking forward to seeing the back of 2020. What started with a hiss and a roar and usual promise of positivity and things ‘better than’, has actually become for many more than usual, a year fraught with illness, financial pressure and uncertainly. In April, for the first time since elocal started, we were unable to physically distribute a magazine.

Whatever side of the belief spectrum you sit on, we have as a nation and a race of people been influenced by a virus that kills some and infects many. We have seen farmers unable to cross borders to tend to their animals or their crops, families not able to say goodbye to loved ones.

Entire industries have been wiped out almost overnight whilst others, dutifully accepting the hand of Covid 19 Government subsidies have continued, only to report a big fat profit 6 months later, complete with shareholder dividend. The divide between the have and have nots is now a seemingly impassable ravine. Our local towns of Pukekohe and Papakura and their surrounds are gasping a sigh of relief that our local industries appear to be somewhat sheltered from both national and global malaise. elocal has seen that as we have experienced a huge increase in readership of elocal especially online. So many people email us to ask about stories and how they or their business can be involved. We so appreciate your support!

I could not do this without my team behind me, and this edition is a bittersweet one. Our production manager Paul, who so many of you have had interactions with, is leaving to follow a dream in sign writing. Paul has produced over 60 magazines for elocal and we will miss his professionalism, his creativity, his smiles and his ability to dictate the weather in the office by wearing shorts or pants. Paul, you have been an awesome team member and we wish you all the best. Glad we could dedicate at least one cover to you.

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elocal Digital Edition – December 2020 (#237)

elocal Digital Edition
December 2020 (#237)

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