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Issue #234

September 2020



The Big Six of COVID Misinformation

Great Food, Great Coffee, Great Place to Meet

Where to from Here?

The Price We Quote You is the Price You Will Pay!

Reflections on COVID-19, Freedom, and Referendums

We Listen & We Deliver

Auckland Zoo’s New Baby Rhino Makes Speedy Entry into World

COVID-19 Raises Some Very Tough Questions

Strategic Voting for Dummies

The Virtual Tour So Real, You Feel You Are in the Room!

A Supercomputer Analyzed COVID-19 – and an Interesting New Theory Has Emerged

A closer look at the bradykinin hypothesis

Spring into Action

September in Papakura

“Gangsters Stole My Land!”

The Allan Titford Story (Part I)

Sort Out the Shambles at Our Border

Expedition Earth (Part I)

‘Death by Ambulance’

The tragic demise of Princess Diana

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