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Where to from Here?

by Sally Sumner

Auckland has just come out of another lockdown that has seen businesses closed, a return to bubbles and borders patrolled in a way that created a situation for some, more challenging than the level 4 lockdown.

And, yet the numbers of community transmission remain higher than they were when we returned to the new normal early in the year.

For the government, this is a huge risk to take, and it is obviously now a political move. Don’t get me wrong, in this new environment where health degrees can dictate the complete upheaval of our day to day lives, this is a an improvement from the super cautious approach we have taken, but can our systems cope?

It is the first real test of systems that have already been identified as having flaws, from testing that isn’t been carried out, messages that get ‘lost in translation’, to the latest, text messages sent in error to people who havent even been tested.

The mood of the public is changing and there is less and less tolerance for the lockdown approach, elimination now means, keeping the clusters under control.

As a nation, we have to be prepared for COVID to be with us in some form or other for the forseeable future, after all we are yet to find a vaccine for the common cold, which is part of the Coronavirus family. This means making sure as individuals we educate ourselves about how to keep ourselves safe and how best to protect those around us who are most vunerable.

The amount of information out there is immense and it is often hard to pick what is reliable or not. Obviouly a good place to start is at the official Government website: https://covid19.govt.nz/. But there are other local and international breakthroughs that simply don’t get the air time in NZ.

Here at elocal we spend a great deal of time sifting through mountains of information and regularly post things on our website that are often overlooked by our mainstream media.

The human enigmatic T cell for example and the evidence that they might well be a secret source of immunity against COVID: https://www.elocal.co.nz/Articles/Community-Newsfeed/3734

The race for Vaccines, and the fact that Australia has already developed a Triple therapy to treat COVID: https://www.elocal.co.nz/Articles/Community-Newsfeed/3717

Just two articles that we update regularly from sources around the world using a robust information policing policy.

Check them out and be prepared.

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elocal Digital Edition – September 2020 (#234)

elocal Digital Edition
September 2020 (#234)

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