Digital Edition – July 2019 (#220)

Cosmos Blooming

Tim Ashby-Peckham is a 26 year old photographer based in South Auckland.

He specialises in two types of photography, nature and astrophotography, which is photographing stars and other astronomical subjects. His passion for space and New Zealand wildlife is reflected in the themes and subject matter of his photographs.

After buying a DSLR camera back in 2015, one of Tim’s first photos was off the International Space Station. He posted it online, and it ended up getting viewed over a million times. This opened his eyes to the potential that photography had, and he has been pursuing it ever since.

The opportunity to exhibit his work is something Tim is proud of, the exhibition ‘’Cosmos Blooming’ will feature a blend of beautiful cosmic landscapes and floral photographs soaked in starlight.

If you're interested in seeing some local photography then come check out the exhibition being held at the Franklin Arts Centre, on now until the 9th of July.

“Always give things a try you may be surprised what you're capable of and where you may end up.”

— Tim Ashby-Peckham

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elocal Digital Edition – July 2019 (#220)

elocal Digital Edition
July 2019 (#220)

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