Digital Edition – October 2019 (#223)

‘The Missing Lands: Uncovering Earth’s Pre-Flood Civilization’ By Freddy Silva

Book review of The Missing Lands, reviewed by Josie Laird

The flood stories of different indigenous people all over the world bear striking similarities. There was a flood, nearly 11,000 years ago. Only a few select people survived and then a group of ‘gods’, fair-skinned, tall and blonde or red-haired, appeared to help resurrect civilization. These myths occur in Egypt, Japan, the Andes and Easter Island, with no explanation of how they came to be so alike.

In The Missing Lands, Mr Silva presents well-researched evidence of these myths and suggests that we treat them more seriously, instead of dismissing them as fables. He theorizes that the flood was caused by a massive meteorite striking Earth, triggering global tidal waves.

He also shows how pyramids were built in roughly the same time frame in many places in the world, including Peru, Egypt, Java and Cambodia. We are still unable to explain how or why these massive structures were built. Mr Silva suggests that these structures were built to preserve information and were designed to withstand the effects of the flood.

Extensively referenced, this book draws on a wide range of sources to conclude that a race of people had already become at least as technologically advanced as we are now and were willing to assist the survivors of the flood. They had been able to predict the likelihood of the meteorite strike and forewarn people to be prepared. The various pyramids are an example of their work.

This theory overturns many of the established ‘truths’ of academics and governments, and Mr Silva suggests that evidence has been deliberately suppressed.

New Zealand readers will be intrigued by the frequent mention of our country and the suggestion that descendants of the ‘gods’ are still with us now. Mr Silva says that he became ‘smitten with the landscape’ during his first visit here in 2005. Indeed, in the credits Mr Silva thanks eLocal’s own Mikeljon Winckel, so we are close to his heart.

Mr Silva is a metaphysical speaker and author of four other books. The Missing Lands may be ordered from, from Amazon, or from NZ online shops.

Josie Laird is the author of All About Kate, a novel about body image, and a member of the Franklin Writers Group. The group meets weekly on Tuesdays, 12:45 during term time. Contact Barbara 027 5606 777

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elocal Digital Edition – October 2019 (#223)

elocal Digital Edition
October 2019 (#223)

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