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Spring into Action

NZKM Fitness

by Oz van Leeuwen, NZKM Fitness

As I’m standing in my kitchen looking at the groove worn into the floor from my endless trips to the fridge, I’m suddenly reminded that Spring is only days away. And this is great news, because at the end of a spring day, everyone should smell like sweat … from the effects of a workout.

And there’s that feeling of anticipation, a countdown to warm welcoming days with bounties involving BBQ’s and good times with friends. And for most that great feeling you get from a good workout. Those wonderful endorphins, like serotonin that flood the body when we get the blood flowing, helping our bodies reduce stress.

But the idea of getting back into things can feel daunting, especially as we come out of another lockdown; and this is where we can help, because your place of choice should offer the right balance and simple strategies to help you achieve your goals.

  • Enlist a buddy

    This will increase your personal motivation and stay committed. Turns out we find it much harder to hit the snooze button when we know our friend is outside waiting for us.

  • Pick the right time

    Choose times that work for you, and be mindful of the fact that these might change with circumstances.

  • Go slow

    Studies have shown that committing to a good 2 to 3 weeks of regular training at a less-intense pace has a profound effect on a longer-term commitment reducing injury while increasing the enjoyment factor.

  • Pick variety

    Our tastes change, and variety can be a great motivator. Look for a provider that has clearly put the effort into offering modern, proven and varying exercises and classes.

  • Micro-goals

    Choose a place that understands the principles of motivation and encouragement, one that helps you establish and achieve objectives.

And apply that well-known slogan:

  • Just do it!

Putting your feet on the ground is the best way to be closer to where you want to be.

Come see us, if you are at that critical juncture, or you’re just looking for new inspiration. Take advantage of our Buddy discounts and see if working out while your kids or teens are busy with self-defence training works for you.

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