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Editor’s Note November 2023

Change doesn’t necessarily start from the top

The election is over and New Zealanders got what they wanted. Change. What Change is yet to be determined, as a coalition is yet to be finalised, but it is change never the less.

Will it be enough? Again, that all depends on who you talk to. one of the biggest mistakes leaders make is to view change as an event that happens at a single point in time. Accepting and then embracing change is a process not an event.

An election will not bring instant relief to the cost of living crisis; which I must admit didn’t seem that evident by the amount of fireworks released over the last week. It will not bring house prices down, evident by the recent revelation that by based on current predictions, a house deposit of $1million will be needed by 2045. It will not end child poverty or abuse, nor will it unite the increasing fractious portions of NZ society that fester in the leafy suburbs. It will certainly take time to address the growing health waiting lists and increase the literacy levels of kids leaving school.

It will take time for change to filter through to address the above and no one knows what will happen in the future. We are yet to know if the promised tax cuts will eventuate if the unwanted laws will be repealed. The only thing that can be relied on is that change is constant.

Every change, whether big or small, carries valuable lessons and opportunities for everyone’s personal growth. Rather than resisting or fearing change, it is possible to adopt a growth mindset and view it as a chance to learn, evolve, and become a better version of yourself regardless of what you see and hear going on around you. Seek out the lessons hidden within the changes you encounter and approach them with curiosity and openness. Embrace change as an ally on your own journey of personal and professional development.

Embrace change as an invitation to tap into your inner resilience. By cultivating a present-moment awareness, we can all navigate change with clarity and intention. Embracing change, however that looks for NZ going forward is not merely about survival; it is about embracing life fully, with all its twists and turns. Shift your perspective, and embrace change as an opportunity not a setback and you will find yourself better prepared to navigate the uncertainties of life with grace and purpose. Remember, change is not the enemy but a catalyst for empowerment because ultimately change doesn’t always have to start from the top.

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elocal Digital Edition – November 2023 (#271)

elocal Digital Edition
November 2023 (#271)

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