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Free Speech Space with MJ - Tracy Lynch

“Audio Weapons Used on Peaceful Protestors at Wellington Protest”

Interview with Tracy Lynch – in Lands Air Water Counsel

MJ: Welcome back everybody and we’ve got a very exciting episode today with Tracy Lynch. It’s the free speech space with MJ and today we’re going to be talking about the Wellington protests and the use of audio weaponry on the general public.

TL: Hello. Yeah, no, it’s an interesting subject, the protests, just so you know. When you realize there was diversions and funny flags that we need a confirmation on whose flag was on the parliament building over a period of time of that protest, because if you look in legislation, another country can actually run New Zealand.

It’s in legislation, the little island that was, you know all those people that got, Tahula? They were locked down, forced locked down, not enforced, but forced locked down. There’s a difference between those words. And we have to have a positive sighting or a photograph but there was a different flag. Few people noticed there was not the New Zealand flag on Parliament building.

MJ: Yep, so just now for our listeners and viewers. El Reds, can you just explain that a little bit more.

TL: long-range, acoustic devices. They’re war weapons of war and we did a public notice just recently what delayed the public notice was a letter … just saying you need to remove these devices because they’re not working. I’m being very basic with them.

I don’t like the word protest because people were saying, I’m sorry, I’ve read the data. I’m not putting that in my body. It’s dangerous. Might be so. So you had a bunch of politicians and you know, how much money do they make? We don’t know. But saying, no, you’re going to do that. Well, they’re only administrators. They have no standing over you. They’re actually under us.

You’ve got to understand, a chairman and a secretary and a treasurer is under, they work for you, they have to understand. And these politicians are standing over, forcing something that was wrong.

MJ: So, okay, we had a peaceful gathering of people, which it was. It was unbelievable how so many people gathered and they organized themselves. It was completely organic. And all they wanted to do was talk to the powers to be. And I use that term in speech marks. They wanted to talk to the government.

TL: Yep, they also put on a company called Tana Scaffolding. They had put the scaffolding up and they had these things going. They had them in Parliament. They had them in, I think, the Archives building as well. All these buildings are on either public and or private lands. Now, I accidentally... Who is accidentally? Came across the title for Parliament that they’re all protesting on because they...

Wellington City Council told me I had to talk to the owners. Well, I did actually contact the ones who Fokopapa there. And I also found out there’s a title, and it went to AMP, then capital, or was it capital, then AMP, and then Precincta. Probably said that wrong, development company. And that company also has the one in the terrace, which is where the reserve bank is, and they also have the treasuries. They have the land where the buildings are on.

Now I haven’t checked any further but I guarantee you it’s going to connect to one particular other outfit. So we, you know, New Zealanders are just so naive.

So, I’ll just step out of that box and go into the fluoride box right now. The fluoride box, you’ve got major law firms in Wellington threatening councillors if they don’t put the fluoride in the water, you’re going to have hundreds of thousands, millions of dollars of charges on the court case. That’s what they’ve said. Over 62% four or five years ago said, no, we don’t want fluoride.

We buy toothpaste with fluoride in it. We’re accepting it, just so you know. So what they did, they changed the mold. If you look at it, it’s a container. PU owns a container, they can put whatever they like in it. And if you look a little bit further, you’ll see that we’re looking at waste management companies disposing of their own waste. Now fluoride actually, there’s lots of waste where fluoride comes from, but it’s also a waste product from nuclear power.

So we’ll go back, that’s what’s going on with the fluoride. So going back to the L-rad, it’s the same thing.

……Anyway, so they pointed our rads at people. And the agreement we have with police and Anglican Church and the parliament and the politicians and everyone else is they’re not gonna hurt us. They’re administrating for our best interests, right? It’s for our best interests. We haven’t, I didn’t ask you to volunteer, right? So we’ve got this quasi contract that you do no harm.

So anyway, they have a quasi-contract which means we’re accepting that you’re not going to point that at us, it just looks good and I’m sure it’s just a big projector string, or you’re going to play, you know, pop a peg or something, right? You know, something, it’s not there to, it’s not a war weapon. The first time they used these war weapons was in Ireland, and they hung it from a helicopter, and they dropped over half the pop-up protesters on the ground. That’s how dangerous these things are. People actually got reports in this office, so it’s recorded in this office, of ear damage, back damage. Some people, we’ve had a couple people that we know have died, we’re not sure why. Massive heart attacks. The other thing that was running in the background was obviously the 5G, because we’ve got reports of fire, radiation poisoning, and radiation damage. Now we’ve got experts in that field saying that, not scientists that are paid by legal administration but actual experts we have a global science council and we spell council SEL because it’s advisory the other way of spelling CIL is administrative and they’re not very good at administrative so we form that because we’ve said MPI EPA anyone they have to talk to us before they do anything…..

There’s a difference between those words. And we have to have a positive sighting or a photograph but there was a different flag. Few people noticed there was not the New Zealand flag on Parliament building.

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elocal Digital Edition – December 2023 (#272)

elocal Digital Edition
December 2023 (#272)

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