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Will The New Year See True Transparency In The Form Of an Inquiry?

By: Mark Rose

A Canadian team of independent scientists have recently published a report outlining why they believe covid-19 vaccines are responsible for 17 million deaths globally. This means that about 1 in 500 people who took the vaccines were ultimately killed by them. The report has been met with deafening silence by mainstream media and governments, but has been embraced by independent organisations, such as the National Citizens’ Inquiry in Canada who have investigated government covid-19 policy in the country.

Dr Denis Rancourt, the lead author, is a French Canadian former university professor of physics who now conducts independent research. He has publicly challenged the mainstream dogma of a uniquely deadly virus appearing in 2020. He found that patterns of excess mortality respected political rather than geographic boundaries with excess mortality during the covid-19 period in the United States five times higher than in Canada. Both countries shares a large land border. Rancourt reasoned that the mortality differences could not be explained by viral spread that would have occurred between neighbouring areas, but rather must have been caused by national differences in ways the pandemic was handled between the two countries. Rather than the virus, he found that regional poverty explained a large proportion of pandemic excess deaths in North America.

In studying the effects of the vaccine, Rancourt reasoned that if covid-19 vaccines were reducing death related to the virus (as they were purported to do), and not having substantial adverse effects, then fewer deaths from all causes would occur soon after the roll out of injections. All-cause deaths are a useful metric to study, since they are usually measured consistently between countries, and account for potential benefits and harms of a new treatment. They are also more resistant to bias and manipulation which has been a feature of presented data in the covid era. Worryingly, his team soon noticed paradoxical increases in mortality statistics soon after vaccine roll-outs in India, Australia and Israel and wondered whether other countries might show a similar pattern.

The Southern hemisphere countries studied in the 180 page opus during the covid-19 pandemic were chosen since they should have had lower than expected mortality due to the start of the vaccine campaign coinciding with summer season (January 2021). Rancourt’s analysis instead showed a remarkably consistent pattern of a sharp increase in death rates soon after the vaccines were introduced in 2021. Mortality remained consistently high, compared to background rates during 2021 and 2022 when vaccination was carried out most intensely. Malaysia, New Zealand, Paraguay, the Philippines, Singapore, Suriname, Thailand and Uruguay demonstrate very clear periods of excess death soon after the roll-out of covid-19 vaccines, with minimal excess death in the earlier covid-19 period of 2020. In New Zealand and Australia, the moving average in 2022 showed a 12% and 15% increase from background during 2020, respectively. All this evidence points to a net harmful effect of these injection on population health which starkly contrast with media messaging. A scatter plot (page 69, Figure 5) shows a convincing positive association between more vaccines administered and increased excess deaths, with a rarely seen strong correlation coefficient of 0.94 between the two variables. With a clear increase in death associated with introduction of the vaccines, attention is then turned to estimating what risk of death did each injection entail? This question is complicated by excess death in several countries that followed the declaration of the covid-19 pandemic in March 2020 before vaccination started. Of the seventeen countries studied, nine had no excess mortality before the vaccines were rolled out, including those in South East Asia, Paraguay, Uruguay, Suriname, Australia and New Zealand. The other eleven (all in South America and South Africa) had higher mortality after the epidemic started (March 2020) and before vaccines appeared on the scene. The lack of uniformity in excess death in the pre-vaccine covid era again questions the dogma of the uniquely fatal virus, since the same virus affected all countries.

The report calculated that the ‘vaccine dose-fatality rate’, or the chance of death after the covid jab, by subtracting vaccine era overall mortality from background trends and dividing this number by overall jab doses administered. The headline rates for each country are between 1/300 (Suriname) and 1/2,900 (New Zealand).

An issue with a statistical analysis like this one is that if it were true, we would expect to also find medical evidence to indicate how it occurred. Now, many case studies have recorded severe adverse effects from the vaccine, with the life-threatening condition myocarditis (inflammation of heart muscle cells leading to poor heart function, arrhythmia and possible sudden death) probably the best known. Indeed, now online repositories show over 3,500 scientific publications documenting individuals or series of patients each with stereotyped severe side effects after having the vaccines, affecting almost every organ system in the body. Also in support of Rancourt’s analysis is the highest level of scientific evidence, the vaccine randomised controlled trials which showed levels of severe adverse effect higher in the vaccine group than the placebo indicating an excess rate of harm in about 1/800. This is roughly concordant with Rancourt’s estimate of vaccine excess mortality.

The conclusions of this report further outlines the importance of independent analysis and thought in the era of ‘the [state-sanctioned] science’ and mandated medical treatment. This study along with the deafening silence of any response to it by mainstream health agencies increases the urgency for a truly independent review of the effects of covid vaccines, injuries and deaths in this country.

Dr Denis Rancourt, the lead author, is a French Canadian former university professor of physics who now conducts independent research. He has publicly challenged the mainstream..

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elocal Digital Edition – January 2024 (#273)

elocal Digital Edition
January 2024 (#273)

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